Jax State Proves Too Much for Tigers

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Jax State Proves Too Much for Tigers

  • TUE: 5-2 L

Jacksonville State was able to string together some hits against the Tigers on Tuesday evening and get the win. That’s the line. And the truth. What does it really mean? I have no idea. I think it was a case of Auburn looking to get work for some arms that did well in that sample size but the main thing I want to pay attention to is that Joseph Gonzalez came out and threw 1.2 innings of clean work, retiring all 5 batters he faced. The fact that Gonzo is back out there is HUGE for a pitching staff that desperately needs depth at a time where they are in the hunt of the conference picture. At the dish, kudos to Jax State’s staff that scattered 10 hits and only allowed 2 runs while striking out 9. The Auburn offense was able to get hits, but just couldn’t string them together. It’s baseball. That happens sometimes. This is the main reason why I am not a fan of the formal poll system in college baseball. I get why they exist and is this an upset, sure, but not as big as the names suggest. Jax State is unbeaten in the ASUN and will probably be an NCAA team if they play their cards right. This is just one of those games that, when we look at resumes at the end of the year we say, oh yeah…that happened, and move on.


Its an early weekend for the Tigers as they headed to Red Stick yesterday for a Thursday-Saturday series with the LSU Tigers. LSU has been hard to figure out this year. They dropped a home series to Texas A&M and then went to Florida and took the series against the Gators. LSU is talented. You can get them on the mound though if it just happens to be the right day, but their offense is really scary. Crooked number innings is what sank the Gators last weekend but they were ice cold against the Aggies. Needless to say, it will take 27 innings…maybe more…for Auburn to get it second straight road series win in conference play. Gametimes this weekend are 6:00 on Thursday (SEC Network), Friday at 6:30 (SECN+) and 1:00 on Saturday (SECN+).

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