Pearl’s Peacocks: The Tide Cometh For a Fall

Monday, January 31, 2022

Pearl’s Peacocks: The Tide Cometh For a Fall

For the streak to end, for the No. 1 to disappear, would be one thing. But for things to end and disappear at home… to the Tide.. in what would be their second win of the season over the top team in the country? Unbearable. Which is why you’re hearing whispers, hearing your co-worker is freaking out over finding his lucky shirt.

For the Auburn Tigers, good things just aren’t supposed to happen on the hardwood. 

But for the damn Auburn Peacocks, they are.

That’s the whole point of the movement — and man, it’s a movement. You can feel it. The memes, the madness. The social media stuff has gone seismic. It’s changing real-world landscapes. The entire season has been pedal to the metal, on the court and off.

People. Fear. Auburn. Basketball. 

People. Fear. Auburn. Basketball. Fans.  

The experts can feel it, too. For all the talk about how wacky and crazy and dangerous and exciting the Krimson KenPom is with their Quad 1 wins and Quad 3 loses, for all the past-due karmic debt it’s tempting to imagine Auburn’s meme mafia and their officially licensed T-shirts has incurred, the soon-to-be-released odds still favor the Warcocks; possessing the most devastating home court advantage in the country will to have that effect. The formula employed by the folks at SportsBettingDime predicts that Auburn will beat Alabama by a score of 78–74, which seems right. 

The Tide has turned playing up or down to their opponent into artform this season. Look no further than their last two games. Lose to Georgia. Beat Baylor. 

And tomorrow, it will be another loss. A big one. They’re not playing the Auburn Tigers at home. They’re playing the Peacocks — the Warcocks. 

Screw the crane kick. It’s time to sweep the leg. War Eagle.

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