NumerAUlogy — 34 Days

Sunday, August 1, 2021

NumerAUlogy — 34 Days

Auburn Tigers
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I mean y’all already knew who it was

Over the years, we’ve done different countdowns to kickoff (or tipoff). This year, we’re putting a twist on the classic “Best Auburn Player to Ever Wear Each Number” list. Football is all about lighting up the scoreboard in 2021, so let’s take a walk down memory lane and review the last time a player in each uniform number put up points.

#34 — Vincent Edward Jackson, RB

Game — Auburn vs. Texas A&M, January 1, 1986

I think everyone knew this was where this would end up. While #34 wasn’t officially retired until October 31, 1992 (the day of the first conference game against Arkansas), no one had worn the number since Bo.

Sadly, Bo’s final game in an Auburn jersey wasn’t all that special. The Tigers fell apart in the second half behind poor quarterback play and a solid Aggie running game. Bo touched the ball 33 times for 202 total yards and 2 touchdowns, but it wasn’t enough. At least his last touchdown was vintage Bo.

Officially, Bo Jackson accounted for 45 touchdowns in his Auburn career, but this one isn’t one of those. For some reason, bowl stats didn’t count as official stats for a long time, and when they were added in, no one went back and added the old bowl numbers (well, no one official did). Giving Bo his rushing numbers from this game would have put him over 1900 yards in 1985 and he would still hold Auburn’s all-time single season rushing mark.

This game ended up being important for Auburn history for a different reason. Coach Pat Dye was unhappy with how 1984 and 1985 had turned into a couple of mediocre seasons. He revamped his offensive style, got behind a pass-first quarterback, and lost just 6 regular season games in the next four years.

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