Friday Mishmash

Friday, June 11, 2021

Friday Mishmash

2021 NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Indoor Track & Field Championship
Photo by Andy Hancock/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

“It’s a new day, men (and women)”

Here we go again, you say like a KD at SkyBar seeing that same dude in the white polo and visor who has hit on you every Thursday night to no success because he is the type of guy who is wearing a visor indoors at night. I am back to dump some linkeage, spread your awareness of the wonder and beauty of the cosmos, and hopefully help you waste some time on this Friday. The way this works, in case you don’t remember, is I will post both good and bad things about Auburn and then some old stuff from the internet you might have missed, and then some new stuff you should check out.

Something Orange

This was written back in April, but I didn’t get around to reading it until this week. Don’t be like me. Read this engaging piece by the great Jeff Shearer about Auburn’s Joyce Kimeli who won the National Championship in the 5000m and 3000m this Spring. Her story is simultaneously inspiring and heartbreaking. You will feel the range of human emotion along with the pride of being able to associate yourself with someone like her, if only because you like the logo on her singlet.

Something Blue

College football has decided to take the most important regular season in all of sports and gut it in favor of something called “access” (read: more money). In this system, laid out by the Athletic’s Nicole Auerbach, a 3 loss SEC team might still have a 50% chance of competing for a national title! Maybe we will get to see teams sit players in the SEC championship game as a way to get the seeding they want! FUN!

Something Old

Colorized WW1 Photographs. If you haven’t seen “They Shall Not Grow Old,” Peter Jackson’s astounding WW1 film, you should do that. It is worth the price of the rental. The first World War is fascinating to me because of its near pointlessness, its scope, and the amount of terror those on the ground must have faced. People should learn about wars like this if only to make sure we don’t do anything like it again (we will).

From 2016, a boy in Australia at a cricket match eating a whole watermelon in the stands:

Props to him for circumventing overpriced stadium concessions. However, I don’t want to know what his GI tract was feeling.

Something New

I watch as many of the Tiny Desk Concerts as I can and I loved this one. Mdou Moctar, the best Saharan guitarist you’ve never heard of. Just give this a listen, and watch his fingers fly over the frets.

From the incredible semi-rad

This article about how the FBI ran a secret encrypted messaging app in order to catch criminals and how wildly successful they were at it.

Today, the European Championships kick-off. Soccer at a very high level is always great, and this is even better:

Have a War Eagle weekend, everyone.

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