Open letter to the stupid side of the Auburn Fan base. Bite Me

Friday, November 22, 2019

Open letter to the stupid side of the Auburn Fan base. Bite Me

Dear Anti Gus Auburn “fan,”

Just stop the dumb assery!

I am tired of people making shallow statements and claiming they are stating facts with no true contextual understanding and trying to push a ridiculous flawed agenda.

If you truly want to know who the Auburn coach is then read this brilliant article done by the @joshdub_ at the College and Magnolia.

Take the time to READ it. Read it to understand it and do not just read to respond it. All of you hate Gus, Auburn is an 8 – 5 school etc. are so full of crap your eyes are all probably brown…
What Clemson HAS not done in the above tweet has played in the SEC West and they have not had tough non-conference schedules…. So, to even try and correlate what Gus is doing versus what Clemson has done is total crap. How convenient to draw a correlation between to teams that have no correlation to fit your “fire Gus agenda.” Just stupid and unproductive and stop it….you are all idiots…. When data and facts are thrown at you this same tired, shallow ridiculous response comes out….

Go be a bama fan or a Clemson fan…. How about this for a correlation…. Arkansas got rid of Houston Nutt and look where their program is, yeah, no thanks from me let Gus do what he is doing and try supporting him instead of tearing him down every step of the damn way. By the way now the rumor is Arkansas wants their Nutt back they let go…. How many years did they lose?

If your on board, WAR EAGLE, if you’re not, please leave, you are an idiot, YOU are the problem.


A TRUE Auburn Fan, bite me again!

from Auburn Tiger Bloggin

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