Gridiron Showdown: Chicago Bears Take on New Orleans Saints

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Gridiron Showdown: Chicago Bears Take on New Orleans Saints

In the ever-evolving world of the NFL, anticipation grows as sports fans across the nation brace themselves for an electrifying matchup. The Chicago Bears, struggling to find their groove, are set to go head-to-head with the New Orleans Saints, a team equally beset with their own challenges. Both teams have their hurdles to clear and points to prove.

Let’s dive deep into this forthcoming gridiron showdown, shedding light on the key dynamics, strategies, and the tantalizing possibilities that lie ahead.

Chicago Bears’ Struggles

The NFL is unforgiving, especially when teams fail to capitalize on opportunities and lose their rhythm. The Chicago Bears are an embodiment of this reality, as their recent 19-13 home loss to the Minnesota Vikings dimmed hopes of a resurgence.

Falling Short of Expectations

The Chicago Bears, facing the daunting challenge of the NFL, have found themselves in a precarious position. With a 1-5 record, any lingering aspirations of a turnaround and reaching the .500 mark have been quashed.

After making steady progress and building momentum in the previous weeks, their recent loss to the Minnesota Vikings was a stark reminder of the trials and tribulations of the league. It’s evident that their aspirations for more than five wins this season might be a bridge too far. The stark reality begs the question: In a season filled with so much potential, where exactly did the missteps occur?

The Justin Fields Dilemma

Quarterbacks are the heart of the offense, and the Bears have a challenging decision to make regarding Justin Fields.

Is Fields Set Up to Fail?

While there’s speculation that Fields might not be the future quarterback the Bears had hoped for, it’s essential to note that he’s been dealt a challenging hand. Despite showing potential by utilizing his legs in Weeks 4 and 5, the team’s inconsistent play-calling saw him go from 20% designed rushes to just 15% in Week 6.

Justin Fields and the Play Action Conundrum

When analyzing the Chicago Bears’ offensive strategy, Justin Fields’ use of play action stands out.

Fields employed about 16% play action in the first two weeks of the season, and this increased to roughly 20% in Week 3. Weeks 4 and 5 saw an uptick, with play action used 35% and 30% of the time, suggesting the Bears had found a strategy that worked. However, Week 6 witnessed a drastic drop, with just 11% play action, leaving many questioning the sudden shift in tactics.

While injuries to running backs might provide a rationale, with players like D’onta Foreman and Darrynton Evans showcasing promise, the team still could’ve leaned more into play action, using Fields’ mobility as a weapon.

The Saints’ Problem With Penalties

Even in the face of intense competition, some issues stand out starkly. For the New Orleans Saints, the consistent problem with penalties has raised more than a few eyebrows.

The Troubling Statistics From the Texans’ Game

During the Saints’ unfortunate 20-13 road loss to the Texans, the team was penalized seven times, racking up 83 yards in penalties. Breaking this down further, three of these flags were for pass interference, and two were chalked up to offensive holding. These figures aren’t just a one-game anomaly; they’ve propelled the Saints to lead the league in both these categories.

A Season-long Dilemma

Expanding the scope beyond just one game, the Saints’ penchant for penalties becomes even more evident. They top the entire NFL with a total of 55 penalties. In terms of penalty yards, the Saints have accumulated a staggering 406 yards. Moreover, the 16 first downs that their opponents have gained from these penalties rank the Saints second in the league. This pattern underlines a recurring issue that the Saints need to address urgently.

Coaching Challenges for the Saints

While the players execute on the field, the coaching staff’s strategies and discipline play an equally crucial role.

Time for a Change?

It’s evident that the Saints’ penalty woes are not merely coincidental. At the heart of the issue is coaching. Dennis Allen, while commendable in his efforts, needs to steer the team away from the shadow of the Sean Payton era.

The Saints need to redefine their identity. A .500 record, attributed largely to their defense, hides the cracks that might widen if the penalty issue isn’t resolved soon.

The Upcoming Showdown

As the Chicago Bears gear up to face the New Orleans Saints, football enthusiasts eagerly await the clash. It’s not just the players who are prepared for action; fans are also in for a treat with the latest Caesars Illinois sportsbook betting promos. These promotions add an extra layer of excitement to the game day experience

Key Dynamics at Play

Both teams, each with their unique challenges, will enter the field with a point to prove. While the Bears aim to regain lost momentum, the Saints will be striving to discipline their gameplay and reduce penalties. This game promises to be a test of resilience, strategy, and sheer willpower.


The key to this game for the Bears is to increase the number of explosive plays. This season Chicago has often made mistakes or had execution lapses that have made it difficult to sustain long drives. Explosive plays shorten the field, which would provide instant scoring opportunities and more against the Saints.

The Bears must make sure that someone other than DJ Moore contributes as a receiver. They are focusing on Moore in the passing attack, and he turned his increased targets into increased production. Moore has 412 yards and four touchdowns on 21 catches over the last three games. If someone else can get going, particularly Darnell Mooney, it would open up the Chicago passing attack even more. The Saints can win this game if they make the Bears one-dimensional. The Bears rank in the Top 10 in the NFL in rushing yards per game, but they’re in the bottom five in passing yards per game. If the New Orleans defense can take away the run, they’ll have a chance to chase Justin Fields, who will be more likely to make mistakes if he can’t rely on the running game for help.

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