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Let’s see what we get.

Boy, how things have changed! Ever since the addition of this Early Signing Day, the recruiting game just gets quicker and dirtier. Throw in the Transfer Portal, NIL collectives, and the current state of affairs with COVID years and the such, and you’ve got a monster that we never imagined a few years ago.

Hugh Freeze has been on the trail nonstop since he arrived at Auburn, but unfortunately for us it might not be enough to make the kind of impact we’d like to see after the inaction from Bryan Harsin over the past two years. Harsin was not just a bad recruiter, he didn’t try in the slightest. Not visiting the top high schools in the state, not going to coaching dinners and meetings, not even hitting the trail on Friday nights for high school football games. It was bad, and it’ll take some time to turn things around. However, we can make some noise in the #Crootin’ game here today, and then the best way to get people to notice you is to win in the fall. We’ll have to wait and see how that turns out, but alas. Them’s the brakes.

Here’s where we stand at the moment. You can see the addressing of the areas of need (OL, DB, DL, QB sort of). We were of the impression that Auburn was going to get one of Grayson McCall (Coastal Carolina) or Devin Leary (NC State), but Auburn doesn’t offer McCall’s major and there were some issues with credits transferring, and then Leary is heading to Kentucky. There may be someone who looks to transfer after bowl season from another school, but we’ll have to see how things shake out there.

Auburn’s class currently sits in the Top 25 according to 247, but that’s still only good for 8th in the SEC. A couple of gets today would help boost into the Top 20 at least, and a surprise may help jump into the Top 15. We’ll be here all day.

Auburn Signees

  • 4-star OL Clay Wedin
  • 3-star DL Stephen Johnson

Auburn Commits

  • 4-star RB Jeremiah Cobb
  • 4-star DL Darron Reed
  • 4-star S Sylvester Smith
  • 4-star S Terrance Love
  • 4-star WR Daquayvious Sorey
  • 4-star DL Wilky Denaud
  • 3-star OL Bradyn Joiner
  • 3-star OL Connor Lew
  • 3-star CB Colton Hood
  • 3-star OT Izavion Miller (JUCO)
  • 3-star DB JC Hart
  • 3-star OT Tyler Johnson
  • 3-star DL Quientrail Jamison-Travis (JUCO)
  • 3-star EDGE Brenton Williams
  • 3-star QB Hank Brown (former Liberty commit)
  • 3-star QB Keyone Jenkins

Transfers (with current Transfer star rankings)

  • 3-star EDGE Elijah McAllister (from Vanderbilt)
  • 4-star TE Rivaldo Fairweather (from FIU)

Leaning Toward Auburn

  • 3-star DB Braeden Marshall
  • 3-star S CJ Johnson

Maybe Leaning Toward Auburn?

  • 4-star CB Kayin Lee
  • 3-star OT Isaiah Jatta

Anybody’s Game

  • 4-star DB Tony Mitchell (rumors he’s told both AU/AL that he’s coming, so we’ll see if we actually win one of these)
  • 4-star EDGE Keldric Faulk

No chance, but let’s see what Brother Hugh is made of

  • 5-star EDGE Qua Russaw
  • 5-star DL James Smith

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