VIDEO: Terry Bowden’s introductory Auburn press conference

Thursday, November 24, 2022

VIDEO: Terry Bowden’s introductory Auburn press conference

Per all the reports, new Auburn AD John Cohen will have / has had the final say on Auburn’s new football coach. Now, I’m not exactly up to speed on early 90s Auburn Athletics Department politics, but from what you’re about to watch, Mike Lude doesn’t seem to have been afforded that same privilege. Lude spoke for maybe a minute or two during Terry Bowden’s introductory press conference; most details on the search and hire came from Auburn University President William Muse. 

But the biggest takeaway from these 38 minutes, to me at least? Terry Bowden seemed awesome. Gene has his #WordsOfChizdom and all that, but if there’s been a more articulate (for lack of a better word) coach in modern Auburn history, I can’t think of him.

Styles, colors, designs galore — order here.

At just 14, I was still in shock over Dye’s departure. I had hope in the new guy, of course. Because, you know, he was Auburn’s coach. But Samford was a small school and Bowden the Younger mostly an unknown and…

Lordy, though — Bowden said all the right things, in all the right ways. Am I wrong? I mean, just think of how much sense this all made during those first two years. Man, what a great little run that was. I think we forget that. We have those Florida and LSU game highlights from ’94, and ’93 is obviously still celebrated. But given everything that happened later and the new norms of fickle fandom, I’d say that mini-golden age dwindles more in the Auburn mind by the year. Watch this and remember how it started. Remember how it felt in the beginning. 

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