SNAP JUDGMENTS: Mississippi State 39, Auburn 33

Sunday, November 6, 2022

SNAP JUDGMENTS: Mississippi State 39, Auburn 33

NCAA Football: Auburn at Mississippi State
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This one felt different.

What we saw tonight was the reemergence of emotion in Auburn football, and it took just five days after Bryan Harsin was fired. Like the Venice canals in the early weeks of COVID, the world is healing. We didn’t win, but it felt good to hurt.


Cadillac made us feel again. The team didn’t quit, it just doesn’t have the horses right now. Those guys played their tails off for Cadillac and it was fun to watch.

-Son of Crow

I love you Carnell. Auburn Football hurts again. And for that I am grateful

-AU Nerd

This feels like Florida 2002. Oddly a game in which we lost Carnell Williams. The team got down and fought back. It didn’t work out, but there’s no reason to hang heads tonight. It’s proof this team is good enough to win games in this league when properly led.

-James Jones

Heartbroken at a loss for the first time all season. All the credit in the world to the players and Coach Cadillac for essentially having 5 days to put something together. Easily the most heart they’ve had all season, and it shouldn’t be lost on any of us that at least part of the reason why is because we have a leader running our football program for the first time in years. Carnell Williams loves this place, and Carnell Williams believes in this place. I’d charge hell with a water pistol for him. These players would too, and it showed.

Y’all let’s be honest…the season started Monday. We have a truly bad roster from a depth/talent standpoint but they haven’t quit on Auburn. If you can be in Jordan-Hare next Saturday night, be there. Carnell Williams and these kids deserve our support.

-Josh Black

This team finally has someone worthy of leading them. We saw the results of that leadership tonight. Auburn will not fold this year. Auburn won’t quit. They will fight.

-Josh Dub

Sad for the loss, obviously. But that team....that team that fought their asses off against everyone in maroon and white and black and white...I will go to war with that team any damn day of the week. If you are physically able to be in Auburn next Saturday, you better be there to support this team and this staff. After the beating our school has taken from everywhere this week, let’s show the world what it means to be an Auburn Tiger.

-Drew Mac

In 6 days, Carnell Williams took more accountability for a loss than the previous head coach did the entire time he was in Auburn. In 6 days, Carnell Williams has me fully invested in Auburn Football again. While the end result tonight wasn’t what we wanted, it’s nice to care again.

And oh by the way, it’s #BoutThatTime for Basketball to start!!!!

-Will McLaughlin

-AU Chief

I haven’t had fun watching Auburn football all year, I was just angry and disinterested. Now, this man Carnell Williams has made things fun in just a few days. The fourteen/fifteen-year old in me who watched this kid run the ball nearly twenty years ago would’ve been in disbelief that he was head coach, and so emotionally invested it would’ve hurt.

We’re obviously not a great football team by any measure, but this group is going to fight hard. The progression from what we saw in Starkville to what I bet we’ll see in front of the friendly crowd at home next week should be vast, and if I’m Jimbo I’m not looking forward to that road trip. If the Iron Bowl was at home this year, we’d win, because we’re going to be reforging a brotherhood in that locker room over the next few weeks.

-Jack Condon

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