SNAP JUDGMENTS: Auburn 41, Western Kentucky 17

Sunday, November 20, 2022

SNAP JUDGMENTS: Auburn 41, Western Kentucky 17

NCAA Football: Western Kentucky at Auburn
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Good way to treat the home fans.

Auburn beat WKU 41-17, allowing all 17 points in the second quarter, finding the run game and making adjustments after halftime, and sending Cadillac Williams out with a 2-0 record during his interim stint at Jordan-Hare Stadium.


Beat Bama’s Ass.

-Josh Black

It wasn’t always pretty, but Carnell Williams won his second consecutive game as Auburn’s head coach. I’m always impressed by how hard Bigsby and Hunter run every time they get the chance. Let’s hire us a new head coach before our next kickoff, deal?

-Josh Dub

-AU Chief

Rank us. This team has something left to say. Cadillac has these gents fighting for the AU on the helmet and it is inspiring to watch.

-Son of Crow

Auburn’s offense has accepted what its personnel is capable of and has committed 100% to letting the 2 stars be stars. It’s not always pretty and it’s a grind but it’s working. That’s great coaching. Something Auburn has only seen 3 weeks this year. Thank you Coach Lac.

-AU Nerd

So this is what competence looks like. The last three 2nd halves speak volumes. It’s almost unbelievable how different the energy of this team is and how far away it got from feeling this. Do the impossible.

-Pablo Escobarner

I know…I know the way forward is to get an experienced coach in here. We need that. The roster will need to be rebuilt. But I’ll be damned if I didn’t love everything about how Carnell Williams coached this game. He let the seniors figure things out at halftime. He emptied the bench late. He tried to get everyone at least a snap. I’m so proud of how this team has played since Harsin was fired. One win to a bowl. Let’s go beat their ass.

-James Jones

There’s a magic happening at Auburn that may not result in an Iron Bowl win next week, but you can be sure that our coach went right back into the lab after his obligations were done for this game. That’s something that I can’t say with any confidence that our previous staff was doing. Cadillac is reminding Auburn fans of what it means to care, what it means to believe, and what it means to have fun. In reality, it hasn’t been that long since we had the ability to feel those things, but it seems like an eternity.

Might want to go watch Iron Bowl footage from 2001-2004, see what kind of throwbacks Cadillac installs this week in practice.

-Jack Condon

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