SNAP JUDGMENTS: Auburn 13, Texas A&M 10

Sunday, November 13, 2022

SNAP JUDGMENTS: Auburn 13, Texas A&M 10

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Auburn
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Unreal night.

“He that outlives this day and comes safe home will stand a tip-toe when this day is named”

If you saw Auburn beat Texas A&M last night under the leadership of Cadillac Williams, this line from Shakespeare’s Henry V applies. It’ll be a night that we all remember, no matter what else happens the rest of the season. There was no bigger indicator of just how far this program had dipped under Bryan Harsin, and how much higher it can reach under someone who understands it.


“Auburn Football Gonna be Okay, it ain’t Dead Baby, it Ain’t Dead.” - Cadillac

-Will McLaughlin

They did it for Carnell. It was ugly and atrocious and beautiful and cold and loud. The fans deserve a lot of credit - they did not let up, no matter how cold they were.


It was ugly... It was bad football. But I don’t care. Carnell Williams got this team feeling good again and they found a way to win a game. No matter what happens with this coaching search or the rest of this season, Carnell Williams has an SEC win as Auburn’s head football coach. WAR DAMN EAGLE

-AU Nerd

He did it. It’s always a good day to beat the aggies, and today was even sweeter because the 5000lb potato is officially off this team’s back. Cadillac Williams is running things and the energy is all the way back in the program

-Son of Crow

There’s some legit healing happening at Auburn and Cadillac is the agent driving it. Auburn was being Auburn in that stadium tonight and Auburn was and is once again a special place because of it.

-Josh Black

Through tears in my eyes all I have is three words. War Damn Eagle.

-James Jones

The energy was as electric as one would imagine. For Cadillac. For the future. For Auburn. There is a palpable shift in momentum for this program taking place right now. The fans showed up and showed out. Because of course they did.

-Pablo Escobarner

I’ve quite literally never seen a bigger indicator of the magic of the Auburn Family than what happened inside Jordan-Hare during this game. No, we’re not a good football team. No, we’re not going to do anything that resonates with the national landscape of college football. But we are doing the things that will lead to a resurgence and it’s because everyone came together for one man. There are 13 SEC fanbases that could never have a moment like that, and no matter what they say, they wish they could feel a genuine moment of fellowship and togetherness like what we saw when Cadillac led Auburn to a win over Texas A&M. Things are coming together, Auburn’s getting its house in order, settling family business, and a very real chill is going down the backs of our rivals who can see that what we’re building has a lot more magic than they ever could’ve expected.

-Jack Condon

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