BOOM! Roasted! Week 13ish: SEC L-East

Monday, November 21, 2022

BOOM! Roasted! Week 13ish: SEC L-East

Happy Victory Monday all you beautiful people! I say Victory Monday because not everyone can celebrate on a wonderfully cold morning like this (obviously Drew…one team wins and the other loses…) Quiet you.

Any who you OBVIOUSLY know that teams turned in…less than stellar performances this past weekend, that’s why we all race to the interweb machines on Monday to see what we can giggle and laugh at. Fortunately for us, we didn’t have to go very far to find people to point and laugh at, so let’s get to it! ITS TIME! FOR THE ROASTED!


Coming into Saturday, one of the slam dunks on the day was a South Carolina team that got pantsed by Florida 31-6 last week, hosting the 5th ranked and fighting for a playoff spot Tennessee Volunteers.

That’s it…the ball game is done at that. Spencer Rattler has only thrown 8 TDs all season coming into the game…Tennessee does that in every game. What else do you people need to see?

Nope…no no no no. Pass, burn it with fire.

Nice homage to Clemson there Vols. You do know that Carolina HATES orange helmets?

Tennessee would have done well to pay attention to that little lesson because….

It would start innocently enough with Carolina taking an early lead.

But from there, it would get soooooooooo much worse.

Yeah, that will happen.

Ok that feels like it might be enough to pull off the wi….

Ok, so you guys decided to go for the 10 on the Find Out scale…

Tennessee would get a garbage TD and the Carolina Student Section would let them know about it.

I never really understood the Overrated chant when your team is beat said Overrated team. You are diminishing your victory, thus making yourself not look as good…sorry, tangent.

That would lead to the obligatory rushing of the field.

Yeah, Tennessee should throw those helmets in the river with the goal posts from the Alabama game.

So how did this happen, let’s go to the postgame to see if we can get insight on the defensive strategy the Gamecocks used.

*scribbles notes*

To defend Jalin Hyatt…drop…your…nuts. Got it

It wouldn’t take long for the interwebs to do all the funny updates as well.

But the sweet chin music of the night has to go to the Official Twitter for Carolina.

*Chefs smooch*

All joking aside, it came out Sunday that Hendon Hooker tore his ACL late in the Carolina game and is lost for the season, which really sucks for us and more importantly for him. We hope that he heals quickly and completely after a fantastic season and some really good memories.



I said something above that reminded me, let’s look at other SEC scores from Saturday…Yup, I thought I heard some loud sounds from the university down the road.

SO, again, last weekend Florida freaking housed South Carolina 31-6 at the Swamp and Vandy won their first SEC game since 2019 by downing a Kentucky team that signed their Coach to an extension juuuust before getting that whooping.

Maaaaybe should have just said yeah, lets talk about it after the season coach.

Anywho, Vandy said they liked that scoring thing (pun intended) and they decided to get after it again.

Well, it must have been a 7-3 defensive struggle…you would be incorrect my friend. It would include a very weird position scoring.

Been a while since that position has scored a TD. The Dores are having so much fun slapping each other on the helmet that they decided to keep doing that.

Freaking break them up!

Florida would mount a comeback, and would have a shot to win it at the end, with a little help…

Can you imagine if they had scored and the Replay official having to say, yeah…this game should have been long over after the catch before they could snap it…just after the clock really went to 0:00.

At that point, boy did Vandy tear out West End as they rushed the field!

Aw geez.

With that win, that does cap a very interesting stat.

Congrats to everyone…yeah…except those guys.

I have no joke…Jimbo is the joke.

That’s all I have this week, now its time to focus all the hate energy on that team.

Feel free to say hello in the comments or share the other hahas that happened this weekend there as well.

Until next week, all hail our Toad lords.

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