BOOM! Roasted! Week 10: And Now Their Watch Has Ended

Monday, November 7, 2022

BOOM! Roasted! Week 10: And Now Their Watch Has Ended

If there was one week where every Auburn fan really needed an extra hour of sleep thanks to the archaic Daylights Savings Time, it was this week. Meer moments after the Roasted went live last week, Bryan Harsin was, himself, Roasted by President Chris Roberts. We all knew it was coming…just not…then. Thus started a flood of bashings from national pundits that LOOOOOOVE to hear their own voices talking about things they know little about and a torrent of rumors from beat writers about who going to be the next coach (Hoke man…you are on V5 of your hot board already…its been 7 days brauh…) Then Auburn played one of the most inspiring games I’ve ever seen. I think JFerg said it best on the Auburn Observer Podcast (go check him out) when he said it was as close to a moral victory as a historical Top 15 program can get.

SO, ALLL that said, let’s not focus on Auburn for a second. Other teams played games this weekend and…WOOOOOOHHHH buddy was it a Saturday. So let’s get Roasted!


We all knew it was probably going to happen. Kansas started the year 5-0 and was just a win away from bowl eligibility after the first day of October. Rations were being procured to put in your Doomsday Bunker, people were moving to other countries and people pulled all their money out of the banks. Then the world righted itself with a 3 game loosing streak to the likes of TCU, Oklahoma and Baylor. The Jayhawks returned home to take on Okie State in a large Big XII match up…that got sideways in a hurry for the visitors.

Hey Okie State…it isn’t two hand touch.


Needless to say, it just wasn’t the Pokes day and the Hawks finished it off in fitting fashion.

By getting an interception and having to be forced out of bounds instead of being tackled.

Which would lead to…a bit of a celebration for Kansas.

That wasn’t it for the celebrations though…

And yes, this is a warranted goal post murder because of that stat the Athletic mentioned above.

The Jayhawk fans also took a not from their Tennessee goal post killers and found the nearest body of water.

But Drew, they didn’t really throw it in the lake…did they?

Oh yes they did. And also, as a person that grew up around lakes…can we get someone to get rid of that duck weed?

Come on Kansas…that just looks trashy and you are better than that. Basketball season is coming soon and you want to look your best for Jay Bilas.

But back to the stadium where it didn’t take long for Kansas to get back to normal.

DAMN! TAKE THAT DANNY WHITE! Kansas doesn’t need to pass the McDonalds bag to put up a new goal post. Less that 12 hours after it touched the bottom of Duck Weed Lake, Kansas is ready to beat up on Texas!

So yes, you need to talk with your children, that Kansas is bowl eligible…and that’s very impressive.


Man…what a bad day to be at the top of the CFP Rankings. It all started with Ohio State who headed to Chicago to take on Northwestern. What is that thing they say about Chicago.

Oh yeah…its windy.

Then it got weird for Ohio State…

Yeah…that’s a 1-7 Northwestern leading the #2 team in the country. And it wasn’t just the Northwestern offense…

After that though, Ohio State would weather the storm and get out of Chicago with a 21-7 win.

On to South Bend where…somehow ranked #4 team Clemson…took on Notre Dame.

And this was the entrance, sorry, I am a sucker for bagpipes.

I know that’s how they normally do it but that’s really cool.

This however isn’t normal and is why ND needs to play at night more.

Take note Auburn! That’s fantastic.

On to the game and it was Notre Dame early and often.

That’s how it would be at the half and the Tigers were none too happy about it.

Yeahhh that’s…not a good look. And the second half wasn’t any better.

That’ was pretty much the nail and you got to see a rare thing in South Bend.

On to Athens we go and let’s see how that went…

Oh…oh no.

Oh god..

We…we just need to look awa…



In a game that some forgot about because of everything else, Alabama traveled down to Red Stick to take on LSU. I always enjoy this game because it’s like watching Robot Wars…let 2 entities I much don’t like just bash each other into a pile of rubble. In fact, I had to set up 2 TV just so I didn’t miss anything from the Auburn game or the LSU game.

And we started the day off strong with the hate!

Lord they are…special.

But on to the game.


This was an absolute classic, filled with great plays by both teams and MULTIPLE protecting momma calls by the refs.

If there is one positive thing from social media, its that we can now all share how the refs are on the take for Bama at all times. Can you imagine twitter back in the Bahr’s day with all those slant calls they use to get…good Lord help me.

Any who, you should go back and watch the whole thing but I want to jump to the best part, the part where bama loses. In OT, Bama scores a TD and kicks the Extra Point…like a noob. Brian Kelly scores in one play and says, Cane’s closes at 10 and daddy needs some sauce!

THE BRASS BALLS ON KELLY! Cause if you don’t make that…ouch bud.

So you know what’s next from me…Reactions.

Do your thing PB…and if you don’t troll your wife AND kid after this, you are doing it wrong.

The mass of humanity! But how did that student section look?


Nevermind…lets…lets not touch those goalposts….

That’s all the emotional energy I have after this past week. What did I miss, can you make fun of things with me? If the answer is, “eh…sure, I got 5 minutes,” feel free to comment in the section below. Until then, let us all strive to be this man at the Gata-Aggie game from Saturday.

May we all become ungovernable.

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