The Unofficial Official College & Mag Survivor Pool - v6.9

Friday, October 28, 2022

The Unofficial Official College & Mag Survivor Pool - v6.9

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Missouri
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First off, apologies are due on my end. Last week I didn’t get around to posting until Friday night, and again this week it’s Friday afternoon. My goal all season has been Wednesdays/Thursdays, but my day job got the better of me the last two weeks.

I take full ownership for last week’s mistake, and as such I’m going to make a ruling that I hope you all understand - I didn’t see a response from schlanky anywhere, but since all other pickers took Mizzou and I only left about a 12 hour window for submissions, I’m going to assign schlanky to have also picked Mizzou.

I’m also going to kill the google form - the four remaining pickers are all active on the site, so the form is redundant at this point.

That said... we’re down to a final four! Two staff, two readers, five weeks left. Let’s see who makes it to the end!



We now have two teams (LSU, Mississippi State, Mizzou, Ole Miss, UGA) that have been picked by all survivors. I’ll no longer be including them as options to be picked. Eligible teams to be picked in bold. All times CT.

Arkansas @ Auburn - 11:00 AM

#1 Georgia vs Florida - 2:30 PM

Missouri @ #25 South Carolina - 3:00 PM

#19 Kentucky @ #3 Tennessee - 6:00 PM

#15 Ole Miss @ Texas A&M - 6:30 PM


For those who haven’t played, the rules are simple. Each week, you are to pick one SEC team to win their game. If you pick correctly, you advance. If you do not, well, see you next year I guess. Once you pick a team, though, you may not pick them again. If you picked Georgia over Oregon in the opener, you may not pick Georgia the rest of the year.

As usual, you can only pick a team who is playing a P5 opponent. No picking Auburn over Mercer, or Tennessee over Ball State. I will go ahead and make a ruling on this now - you can pick Arkansas over Cincinnati, since the Bearcats made the Playoff last year, or over BYU, since they’re kind of a middling Independent.

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