SNAP JUDGMENTS: LSU 21, Auburn 17

Sunday, October 2, 2022


NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Auburn
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You guys wanna fire Bryan Harsin?

Auburn looked as good as it has in a long time for a large portion of this first half, built a 17-0 lead, and then blew it. Nothing in the second half, horrible coaching, and well... we’re pretty sure we know what’s happening in just a few hours.


Fire him ASAP, get a new AD in there, and get to work.

-Josh Black

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

-Will McLaughlin

I am so f***ing angry at this potato dipsh*t. This team fought so hard, yet was so poorly led. He should be fired before the press conference. Good riddance.

-James Jones

Belief flickered back to life in the first half. I saw an offensive game planned tailored to the skillset of the QB. I saw lessons being learned from last week. I saw an offense invigorated with new life. And then I saw the exact same 2nd half performance I have seen since last October. I saw the same sideline failings I have seen for 1 & half years. The truth is what it is. Bryan Harsin ain’t built to coach in this league & when he’s let go Auburn football will immediately get better.

War Damn Eagle.

-AU Nerd

It has been 350 days since Auburn scored a second half touchdown against an SEC team. Fire him.

-Eamon Smith

Auburn has so many playmakers on this roster. They deserve a coach that works as hard as they do. Change is coming soon.

-Josh Dub

-AU Chief

I seriously wavered between wanting to crush LSU when we were up 17-0 and wanting something to happen so that we’d be able to get rid of this dude. The latter happened. It wasn’t just blowing the lead — Gus did that too — it was everything that went into it. The trick play on a goal-to-go situation, the weird timeout before the fourth down... we haven’t done anything in second halves in like a year, and that’s completely on coaching. Our special teams was a mess last night, that’s on coaching. For a while, Robby Ashford seemed like he was going to have a great game in spite of what was being done on the sideline, and the defense played lights out. Two touchdowns allowed and they basically had the best performance against the pass in the last 15 years.

Just get rid of this dude, let us rage with some dudes that care for the rest of the season, and make real moves as soon as you can.

-Jack Condon

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