BOOM! Roasted!! - Week 9: How Its Made

Monday, October 31, 2022

BOOM! Roasted!! - Week 9: How Its Made

How are we my beautiful readers? Not fantastic? Well that is to be expected. This weekend really…well…it wasn’t the best as far as the full slate of college football goes. That said, I have been asked before how I do this article. Do you go to a sports bar and watch as many games as possible, do you just wing it, is your office like a SAW horror movie with eye clamps and electric prods incase you fall asleep for Pac-12 After Dark?

Those questions aside, I decided to pull back the curtain juuuust a little. Well that, and because there really wasn’t a ton I could make a coherent funny article about, so we are going to do a Stream of Consciousness, where I type up my notes from the day and share the ideas I wrote down. So we will see how this goes…in the ROASTED!



Apparently they are going to try and play this...keep an eye on it

(Toledo won 27-24...fog burned off)


-Miami at Virginia

This feels like it could be useful

Drive Chart – 10 punts in the 1st half total

Including…this one by UVA from the Miami 38…

Not sure what I can do this but I know I can do something

And this

If this isn’t in their Media Guide next year, we riot

End of Regulation

The only way OT should go

Stupid stupid stupid OT rules end the contest (say contest because this was not a football game)

-Georgia Tech @ FSU

Just refreshing

This feels about right

Hang it in the Louver

(FSU dominated 41-16...lame)

-Ohio State @ Penn State

Pat Dye and Bahr just lost their minds seeing this in that big film room in the sky

And they used it again on 4th and 2

Correction…they used it MULTIPLE TIMES

(Ohio State won 44-31...meh)


-Florida vs Georgia

About right, example of Georgia profiting from that goat they sacrificed

(Georgia won by 22 but didn’t cover...really lame)

-BERT @ Nebraska


You need to talk to your children

-Northwestern @ Iowa

No punts for Iowa…

Anish going all in on the Sickos

Now he is just pandering

Halloween Costume Alert

Northwestern is still alive in the B1G West…I think


-Kentucky @ Tennessee

Ok this is damn cool

Smokey doing is best to be like Aubie

Will Levis doing his best to not throw a pick…spoiler, it didn’t work

This is what dedication looks like. It also show a deranged mind.

(Tennessee got after it 44-6)

So that’s how I do it, then I go through and add the funny usually on Sunday evening and add a little Monday mornings.
So what did I miss? Feel free to share what you thought or add in your own lines to the items above and I promise we will be back at full strength next week.

Until then..all....hail....

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