BOOM! ROASTED! Week 5: Sing-a-long

Monday, October 3, 2022

BOOM! ROASTED! Week 5: Sing-a-long

If there is one thing I can say positively about this past weekend is…it was in fact a weekend. I am starting to feel like a broken record (much like the Auburn offense) but the sadness syndrome was not limited to East Central Alabama and that is a positive thing for you and me! Cause at least we can laugh with each other…NOT AT EACH OTHER. We are better than that and you know it…except for FSU…if you’ve been to Tallahassee you know what I’m talking about. So let’s get to it and get Roasted.


‘Member when Brent Venables went all nuclear on a future conference mate and said he passed on the Auburn job because he reeeeeeally wanted this OU job?

Yeah, that came outta nowhere. But, hey, its cool and we totally wish him well. Cause he is a really good Defensive coach so I’m positive he put a strong DC in place to help him manage the defensive side of the ball…

Oh…that’s a….huh….that is technically a Defensive Coordinator.

I can’t imagine what would have happened at Auburn if Ol’ Brent actually got pasted the interest check stage and agreed to become coach only to hire Ted Roof as the DC? It could always be worse Auburn fans, remember that.

So, how is Brent and Ted’s Excellent Defensive Adventure going? Well…

Yeah that was last week…Adrian Martinez..

Yeah…former Nebraska QB Adrian Martinez, THAT Adrian Martinez, threw for 382 and scored a grand total of 5 (THAT’S FIVE!) TD’s against OU in an upset win, 41-34.

But that was last week and I am sure Brent and Ted got everything tightened up and ship shape for their trip to Fort Worth to take on the Frogs.

Oh that’s…

Wait…where was the…

Dear Lord, they know it isn’t flag football right?

Ok, that’s a lot of points…but…what does that even mean Mark Jones? And that’s a brave statement there bud. But I digress…What on earth is going on with OU’s defense Brent?? They gave up 41 at home to the Power Towel and now 55 to TCU! Did you guys get too much Nebraska funk on you when you were there a few weeks back?

Well, no matter, I am sure they can get right this week against *checks notes* oh sweet Jesus no.

Lord God in heaven…The stoppable force meets the moveable object in Dallas this week.

Wait, and we are getting both of these teams? Well, at least we know what we are getting west of Texarkana from here on out…


Sometimes life gives you one thing. Just one thing. And you have to make due with it. You don’t question it, you don’t try to add to it. You just take it for what it is and enjoy the hell out of it.

That said, I give you.

Enjoy the shit out of it. Let it wash over you to know that no one is perfect.

I don’t have anything to go here, just remember that for a while on Saturday, there was real sweat coming off the foreheads of these two talent collectors and I need just a little bit to keep hope alive. Now that will not be the case this weekend at all, and that’s fine, its necessary to ensure what needs to happen, happens. Just remember, brighter days are ahead, we just need to…sigh…endure.

That’s all the effort I can muster up this week, sorta like this cop in Eugene this weekend.

I want to get after her on that, but that is a big mood for a Monday morning. What did else happened that I didn’t hit? Or do you want to praise my efforts? Feel free to post below in the comments you beautiful people.

Enjoy your Monday everyone.

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