The Official Unofficial College & Mag Survivor Pool - v6.2

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

The Official Unofficial College & Mag Survivor Pool - v6.2

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 04 Allstate Louisiana Kickoff - Florida State vs LSU
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A brutal ending for more than just Brian Kelly

A funny thing about social media in recent years is the insistence by the developers that people want to see “Best” or “Top” first - essentially a way for them to cater an algorithm that they think will drive engagement, or ad sales, or whatever. Of course, nobody wants this, but perhaps no segment of users does it frustrate more than sports fans. Obviously chronological is preferred by the people who are almost single-handedly keeping live television afloat.

Yesterday while perusing the various corners of the internet, I kept seeing graphics posted by various accounts referring to the SEC’s supposed dominance in week 1, sometimes with an “undefeated” tag or a big “13-0”. With hindsight, these several-day-old graphics were hilarious, knowing the outcome of the LSU-Florida State game. Alas...

Obviously week 1 didn’t yield a ton of great choices for our pickers. Florida, an underdog at home vs a top 10 Utah team, shocked the world and may have ended the Utes CFP hopes before they even got started. But, nobody here picked the Gators.

Arkansas, a team that should never be trusted when expectations are high, held on vs last season’s darling Cincinnati Bearcats. About a third of y’all took the Hogs and were rewarded with a nice Cold Adult Beverage courtesy of Coach Sam Pittman.

Another third played it safe, perhaps safer that anyone actually imagined. The Fighting 1980’s (no I’m not acknowledging anything else) beat Bo Nix and #11 Oregon like a rented mule, with touchdowns on their first seven drives, shutting down any hope of a letdown in 2022.

And the last third... well, RIP friends. It was a pleasure getting to know you!



Eligible teams to be picked in bold. All times CT.

#1 Alabama @ Texas - 11:00 AM

South Carolina @ #16 Arkansas - 11:00 AM

#23 Wake Forest @ Vandy - 11:00 AM

Missouri @ Kansas State - 11:00 AM

#24 Tennessee @ #17 Pittsburgh - 2:30 PM

#20 Kentucky @ #12 Florida - 6:00 PM

Miss State @ Arizona - 10:00 PM


For those who haven’t played, the rules are simple. Each week, you are to pick one SEC team to win their game. If you pick correctly, you advance. If you do not, well, see you next year I guess. Once you pick a team, though, you may not pick them again. If you decide to pick Georgia over Oregon this week, you may not pick Georgia the rest of the year.

As usual, you can only pick a team who is playing a P5 opponent. No picking Auburn over Mercer, or Tennessee over Ball State. I will go ahead and make a ruling on this now - you can pick Arkansas over Cincinnati, since the Bearcats made the Playoff last year, or over BYU, since they’re kind of a middling Independent.

I’m going to introduce a new way to pick this year by utilizing a Google Form each week. Picks can still be made in the comments section as well, but I wanted to be able to allow our friends on various social media platforms to play as well. Lastly, picks MUST be made by kickoff of the game you are picking.

Those who have been around will know, but a word of advice for any new players - go ahead and outline your picks for the season now. You don’t want to be the one with no eligible teams left to pick in October when everyone is on a BYE.

I will track the results in a Google Sheet, which I will share here each week. If you believe I put you down for the wrong pick, please let me know.

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