Staff Picks — Auburn vs. Missouri

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Staff Picks — Auburn vs. Missouri

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A classic pillow fight!

I would say that I hate that I was right about last week, but I gave Auburn too much credit. To be honest, the SBNation writer that came closest to the score was the Black Shoe Diaries guy that predicted 56-17. Even he gave Auburn’s offense too much credit!

It seems like everything has gone against Auburn since about the middle of the 1st quarter last Saturday. A Missouri team that might be one of the worst teams in the SEC makes its first ever trip to Auburn on Saturday, and I’m still not convinced Auburn can win. How bad do we all think it will go?

Auburn (-7) vs. Missouri (O/U )

Dr Will McLaughlin

AU Nerd

Josh Black

Whether it’s Robbie or Holden, this offensive line has a long way to go for me to pick Auburn. Put me down for this being Bryan Harsin’s last game as Auburn’s head coach. If I’m wrong, I’d wager I’m wrong by 2 weeks. Missouri 23 Auburn 16

AU Chief

Jack Condon


Son of Crow

we are going to lose by 4.

Ryan S Sterritt

AU Jonesy

Despite what I said in the Snap Judgments, I believe that Auburn should not have fired Bryan Harsin after the Penn State game. The players truly don’t deserve to have that hanging over them as well after one bad game. That said, his actions this week have pushed me firmly into the camp that (a)he will be fired eventually and, (b)he will not properly prepare this team to beat a very beatable Missouri team. This job is simply too big for Bryan Harsin. Auburn should absolutely beat this Missouri team 9 times out of 10 when functioning properly. They are not currently functioning properly. I think this is the end. I hope I’m wrong (until Georgia). Missouri 19, Auburn 9


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