SNAP JUDGMENTS: Auburn 42, Mercer 16

Sunday, September 4, 2022

SNAP JUDGMENTS: Auburn 42, Mercer 16

NCAA Football: Mercer at Auburn
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What did we think in the heat of the storm?

Auburn opened the 2022 season last night with a pretty easy win over Mercer, and usually you’d think it’s not the kind of game that helps you glean much information. However, with the quarterback discussion, hype around the defense, and noted questions about other areas on the team, this was the kind of harmless game to get a win and figure things out. What did the staff think?


Good teams win, great teams cover. We didn’t cover but a win is a win.

-Will McLaughlin

Well, nobody’s gonna get their job determined by beating Mercer, but since this is the first win for the Auburn football program since Oct. 31, 2021, I’ll take it. Ashford clearly adds a spark to the offense that will be needed. He’s going to drive us nuts at times, but between he and TJ, with all due respect to the big man, I think I’d like to see Robby taking some pretty significant snaps 2 weeks from now.

-Josh Black

AU did what they were supposed to do tonight. Dominated the line of scrimmage & generate big plays on both sides of the ball. TJ Finley looked great up until he made a catastrophically bad play. The QB battle is far from done but I am encouraged that this offense is more talented than last year. Next weekend is another chance to get better.But the most important part of tonight is my 2 old girls got to attend their first Auburn football game. The indoctrination truly begins now. War Damn Eagle.

-AU Nerd

Did what needed to be done. Harsin takes these games seriously which is refreshing. I also appreciate his willingness to pull kids and not get sentimental about his decisions. I think there’s a qb controversy but I think it plays out in practice more than in front of us fans. We will see more from Robby and TJ this season, each. Loved what I saw from Tank and Jarquez, the lightning delay came at the perfect time to put the kids to bed so thanks James Spann for sending that rain to auburn.

-Son of Crow

I had a good time

-AU Chief

Robby might be it. Pending review

-James Jones

I got to drink some bourbon, watch some football, and not stress about the possibility of us losing a game. The expected stars showed out and looked improved — Tank and Jarquez are both faster, stronger, and more direct runners; Derick Hall was terrifying; and John Samuel Shenker was steady. I was very pleasantly surprised by Cam Riley, dude is a beast and was seemingly everywhere, and the wide receivers looked more dependable as well.

As for the big question on quarterback, if I had to choose one going forward, it would be Robby. I’m a sucker for a mobile quarterback, and he also threw that 56-yarder to Ja’Varrius Johnson.

Hey, we even got some fun little teasers, like that play where Finley pitched to Ashford, who ran the option with Tank. AND we got to discuss the ruling on running into the kicker when the ball is snapped over his head and rolls way back but he still kicks it.

We’ll get another chance to get better and learn more about the team next weekend, and hopefully there’s no large delay this time.

-Jack Condon

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