SNAP JUDGMENTS: Auburn 24, San Jose State 16

Sunday, September 11, 2022

SNAP JUDGMENTS: Auburn 24, San Jose State 16

San Jose State v Auburn
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Oof. That was as messy a game against an overmatched opponent that we’ve played in a long time. Nobody came off the field satisfied, and the win probably creates more questions than answers as we get ready for Penn State. Here are the muted thoughts of the College and Mag staff:


Found a way to win. That counts for something given what’s happened today in college football but..... Things are about to get real, real fast & I have 0 confidence we are ready for it. But Jordan-Hare is a place where weird things happen so let’s get weird.

-AU Nerd

Preseason is over. Next week, the actual season begins.

PS: Seattle is Beautiful and really glad I spent my weekend up here watching the Braves instead of whatever y’all watched at JHS.

-Will McLaughlin

“Aggy lost.”

-Son of Crow (noted state of Texas resident)

On a day where top 10 teams were losing to unranked G5 opponents at home, I’m okay with an ugly win. Early turnovers kept San Jose State in this thing for a lot longer than we all wanted. Let’s focus on Penn State Saturday.

-Josh Dub

Won in spite of ourselves. We’re not good, but we make up for it by being poorly coached. Unless something changes, that’s our last win until WKU. Absolutely awful.

Thank God for Bruce Pearl.

-James Jones

The most absurd outcome from that incompetent performance is looking competent and winning against Penn State. It’s also the most Auburn outcome. Let’s get to 3-0. War Eagle.

-Josh Black

I’ll somehow convince myself that we’ll beat Penn State by Friday, and I’ll be ready to get let down again come Saturday afternoon. After watching football all day, you can see that there doesn’t appear to be anyone who’s any good aside from Georgia, and that may allow us to snag a few more wins in battles of toothless gumming between the Missouris and LSUs of the world.

The only solace I can take in this win is that maybe maybe we treated this like game one since the Mercer game had that long delay, and maybe we didn’t prep for San Jose State at all, and maybe we just let my three-year old call plays, and maybe we’re just preparing everyone for a hitherto unseen display of offensive brilliance just for the drama of it all.

-Jack Condon

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