SNAP JUDGMENTS: #22 Penn State 41, Auburn 12

Sunday, September 18, 2022

SNAP JUDGMENTS: #22 Penn State 41, Auburn 12

NCAA Football: Penn State at Auburn
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Off with his head.

I know you’ve been hankering for content after that game, and that you’re not really just in the mood to ignore football completely. We can shift to basketball season soon enough, but we need to figure out this coaching situation first. If you don’t think it’s happening soon, you’re in denial.


-Josh Black

Fire this f***ing a**hole.

-James Jones

-Will McLaughlin

what a dumpster fire of a game. Not sure how the staff survives this.

-Josh Dub

Worst case scenario for everyone employed to make sure that isn’t the way the football team at auburn looks.

-Son of Crow

Unacceptable performance on both sides of the ball. The only position group on this team that looks solid is the defensive line. Their counterparts on the offense continue to be absolutely dismal.

-Eamon Smith

That was the worst home performance I have seen out of an Auburn football team since A&M in 2012

There is no coming back from this

You don’t sell your program as a hard-nosed, blue-collar, takes the stair kinda program & then get punked at home week 3.

Nothing is being built.

There is no proof of concept to fall back on.

Even before February shenanigans recruiting was a failure. Both portal & prep.

Defense has regressed. Offense too.

In the world of portal it doesn’t take years to rebuild a program. Move fast & restore hope.

There will be better days ahead but not until Auburn football has some at the helm that truly understands what it takes to be elite in the SEC. Auburn has that person in basketball & baseball. I refuse to believe it can’t also be found in football.

-AU Nerd

This game was so bad, I’m actually making a contribution. The single worst performance you could’ve imagined. Hopefully change is on the horizon.

-Thomas Northcutt

I love Bruce Pearl.

-AU Chief

I’ve watched Auburn get smashed at home a fair few times, and this one smelled like someone died, similar to A&M in 2012. Don’t know how much longer you can keep Harsin, but the move has to be made at some point. Right now, Nebraska and Arizona State are looking for coaches, and I think we’re at least a better gig than both of those schools. There are plenty of guys that we can choose from, but whoever sits in that AD chair needs to make the right decision, and there will be a ton of opinions on what the right decision actually is.

In terms of gameplay, nothing worked. The fans showed up and weren’t given anything to cheer about. Every time the team made a stride, like three straight good gains or a couple of really stout defensive plays, they’d give it all back on a fumble or by allowing a huge gain. They didn’t look composed, they didn’t look ready, and somebody mentioned in the C&M Slack that they looked lethargic running out of the tunnel. Maybe they knew what was coming. Everyone can smell the blood in the water now, and we’ll be on our way to a 3-9 year again if we don’t find something that’ll work... with or without Harsin leading the team (hopefully without).

-Jack Condon

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