BOOM! ROASTED!! Week 2: In It For The Long Haul

Monday, September 12, 2022

BOOM! ROASTED!! Week 2: In It For The Long Haul

Something tells me this is going to be a bit of a necessity article till December so let’s see what we can do. Hope everyone had a good weekend and let’s get right to it and get Roasted.


So, Iowa just may replace FSU as my “unhealthy obsession” for this season. Last week, we covered the offensive abomination that was South Dakota State and the Hawkeyes that finished in the most awkward and unnecessary 7-3 final you will ever see. This week, however, is the game that demands that type of game happen. This is the pinnacle of the college football regular season. This is The Game, the Iron Bowl, the Old Oaken Bucket and the Cocktail Party ALL ROLLED UP INTO ONE! This. Is. El. Assico!!!

Yeah…they are playing for that abomination. Not only did they force a tree to become a trophy for this game, they also made it hold up some metal that reportedly is the Cardinal (?) and the Hawk holding up a football. Note the corn stalks behind it because everything in Iowa revolves around the corn.

How was the game though Drew? Oh, you should already know that answer…

That is a true stat that stood until around 6 minutes left in the 3rd when Arland Bruce, who is a Wide Receiver on the Iowa football team, made a catch down to the Iowa State 3 yard line to set the Hawkeyes up in good position to actually put double digits on the Iowa scoreboard for the first time this season.


Yeah…so it was 7-3…still.

At this point, the fanbase started to turn on Iowa.

Can you imagine, as you pan the crowd at the Iron Bowl this year, and some bama fan lifts up his shirt to reveal a Cam Newton #2 jersey under his hoodie?

No, you can’t, because that man would know he’d be outed by his grandmother…and that goes for either side. But at El Assico, there are no rules!

Fast forward, which if you go back and rewatch, you shouldn’t do, to the 4th quarter and Iowa State forces the score board to go to double digits, going on an 11:49, 21 play, 99 yard drive! God I love this game!!

That would for Kirk Ferentz to do the one thing he refuses to do…

No, not wear a white shirt in the rain…cause yeah he did.

Ladies, that is peak male and you can’t deny it.

No, its mounting an offense to try and win tie the game!

Nothing like forcing a 48 yard field goal in the rain to try and push THIS GAME into overtime.

You may be wondering, sure she’s wet, but why does she have that look on her face?

That’s why, cause she knows what she just had to witness… FULL EL ASSICO IN THE RAIN!


I don’t want to get into a habit of doing a jumble post but this week demands it, because after El Assico, there was a ton of…wait…they did? Games on the result sheet.

First we go to College Station where My Boys from Boone took on the 6th ranked Aggies. And yes…the Aggies had a midnight pep rally.

SO CRINGY!!!! And it’s App-ah-lach-ah you mouth breather.

So, how did scheduling a really good football team go for Jimbo and the boys?

Yeah…not good.

That’s…not what Jimbo wanted. Let’s go to the crowd for reaction.

WAIT! 1.5 Mil? That’s like…..a recruit and a half to them! Holy crap…

But the Fun Belt wasn’t done. Not by a long shot.

Let’s go to South Bend, where the Thundering Herd took on the Fighting Irish.

I mean, one Sun Belt win is all we can expect….right?

Well, that is a bunch of fun!

How odd to be a fan in the stadium. Not sure who is pulling for who with all that green everywhere. Speaking of green though…

And finally, Georgia Southern went to Lincoln to take on Scott Frost and Nebraska and…well.

Yeah…didn’t go well for Nebraska.


Clay Helton ain’t done yall!!

And neither was Trev Albert on Sunday

I’m sure Scott was upset buy this turn of events.

Ooooor not.

That’s all I got for this week, what did I miss? Post it down below! And as for this week, I hope you all have the confidence of this guy walking on to the field at LSU. Just don’t get arrested.

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