Which team had the most successful NFL draft in 2022?

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Which team had the most successful NFL draft in 2022?

The 87th draft in the history of the NFL recently took place. This was the first to ever be held in Las
Vegas, and it was one of the more exciting drafts of recent years. There had initially been a plan in
place to host the 2020 draft in Vegas, but this was cancelled, so the 2022 event was held there
instead. But who had the most successful draft? Which team’s draft picks are likely to play a big pa
in their success moving forward?

When you’re looking to make some predictions on the Super Bowl or who is going to excel in the NFL
moving forward, you should definitely consider the draft. The new players to come in can make a
huge difference.

Let’s dive into some of the teams’ draft picks and how we think they will make a difference for the
upcoming season. Fans of the sport are always keen to pay close attention to the draft, and even
make predictions for 2023.

Detroit Lions
R1.02. Aidan Hutchinson, EDGE
R1.12. Jameson Williams, WR
R2.14. Josh Paschal, EDGE
R3.33. Kerby Joseph
R5.33. James Mitchell, TE
R6.04. Malcolm Rodriguez, LB
R6.33. James Houston, EDGE
R7.09. Chase Lucas, CB

There were some pretty surprising picks in here, but after Kerby Joseph had such an impressive
season in 2021 he makes a really good pick for the 2022 draft and will put his athleticism to good use
for the Lions moving forward.

Malcolm Rodrigues offers great value due to the fact that he has the ability to make the play. He also
has over 3,000 defensive snaps in his college career. Josh Paschal was a pretty early Round 2 pick
and this was surprising to some, but he offers undeniably quality with the physical attributes needed.
Aidan Hutchinson comes off the back of winning the Lombardi Award, Lott Trophy and Ted Hendricks

Arizona Cardinals
R2.23. Trey McBride, TE
R3.23. Cameron Thomas, EDGE
R3.36. Myjai Sanders, EDGE
R6.17. Keaontay Ingram, RB
R6.31. Lecitus Smith, OG
R7.16. Christian Matthew, CB
R7.28. Jesse Luketa, EDGE
R7.29. Marquis Hayes, OG

It’s hard to look beyond the huge impact that Trey McBride could have, especially as the Cardinals will
start the season without DeAndre Hopkins. McBride’s time at Fort Morgan shows that he has all the
qualities needed, and he is listed as a top NFL prospect.

Lecitus Smith will improve the roster, as will Jesse Luketa, who is a prospect that undeniably needs to
improve, especially when it comes to rushing.

The fact that running backs were in such high demand was a bit of a surprise and led to the Cardinals
taking Ingram in round six, which shocked some people, but in the scheme of their roster it makes
sense. This may be one of the most successful drafts of the season, but we will have to wait to see
when the season kicks off.

Carolina Panthers
R1.06. Ikem Ekwonu, OT
R3.30. Matt Corral, QB
R4.15. Brandon Smith, LB
R6.05. Amare Barno, EDGE
R6.15. Cade Mays, OG
R7.14. Kalon Barnes, CB

People will undeniably be talking about the likes of Matt Corral, who has had a battle with depression
in recent years, but we hope he can bring his full potential to the roster. If he does, then it could prove
that the Panthers had an amazing draft this year.

Ickey Ekwonu could prove to be a huge improvement to the defensive line of Carolina’s team, and this
should free up the quarterbacks to try and buy some more time and allow them to perform to a higher

Some people thought that Brandon Smith would stay unsigned until a much later round. He has a lot
of positive physical attributes and he could be a top linebacker, but he’s never really shown what we
feel he is capable of on the field and will have to make a big step up.

If the new guys can be integrated properly then there is a strong chance that the Panthers will be
seen as one of the big success stories of the 2022 draft.

We also really liked the business done by the Packers and the Chiefs, but as you’ll already know,
nobody can really say whether it has been a successful draft until we have the benefit of hindsight and
can see how the players actually gel and perform with their new teams.

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