Oh, It's August: Day 1

Monday, August 1, 2022

Oh, It's August: Day 1

It's Fall, right?

Auburn football begins fall practice this Thursday, August 4th, and quite honestly it snuck up on me. Maybe it's the entirety of everything else going on, but perhaps we're also getting stretched a little thinner by other sports at the same time.

When I was growing up and coming of age years and years ago, the start of football season was the paramount event each year. School didn't start until the last week in August, and you got eased back in with Labor Day Weekend right out of the gate. Plus, for the most part, football was the event around Auburn's campus, since we didn't get to take much joy from baseball or basketball on a regular basis. You went through not only a long, hot summer, but also an empty spring and a winter prior with little to look forward to.

Now, Bruce and Butch are giving us a ton to get excited about from November to June. The down time doesn't last nearly as long, and we even have to split our attention so that gymnastics can get some love as well. You blink and football season is here.

Usually you would've gotten some bowl game fun, or the frenzy of a recruiting season gone wild. That didn't happen in the winter of 2021-2022. We signed zero recruits this past February. Our bowl game was in many people's hometown. Not much of a trip. Then, our biggest piece of excitement regarding the football team turned out to be the unknown situation where the fate of Bryan Harsin was hanging in the balance. Somehow he was expected to be fired, and then he wasn't, and now we're about to start fall camp. I dunno.

Where did the summer go? You tell me.

I know that even in the scorching and humid part of the country we mostly reside, we're going to wake up one morning soon and the temperature will read a cool 57 degrees. You'll let the dog out, and a dryness in the air will tickle your senses before the sun turns any dew into lava steam. You'll get a flashback, Will Byers style, of a landscape dotted with color instead of green, and the comfort of a light jacket as you stroll into a mid-November Jordan-Hare. A faint fanfare of drums may play past your ear and you'll catch a scent that takes you back to that time on Samford Lawn twenty years ago. You'll figure out your best lament for the changing landscape of downtown Auburn, and start taking inventory and making plans for a trip to the Plains a month from now to see what we're trotting out against Mercer. A guy whose handle was WarTim on the old forums used to issue "The Calling of the Nip" (keep your pants on), and it was essentially the unofficial start of fall for #ExtremelyOnline Auburn fans. We're getting close to that time now.

The names change every year, but we'll come to know and love more than a few just the same as our old favorites. It's August, football's in the air, and it's time to get back into it.


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