Wildcats Spoil Auburn’s Strong Regular Season Finish

Monday, May 23, 2022

Wildcats Spoil Auburn’s Strong Regular Season Finish

#9 Auburn @ Kentucky

  • FRI G1: 5-1 L
  • FRI G2: 6-3 W
  • SAT: 6-3 L

By now you know that it wasn’t the weekend Auburn fans had hoped for in Lexington. Auburn was only able to capture 1 of 3 against the Cats and that cost Auburn the 4 seed in the SEC Tournament, the Bye to Wednesday that a Top 4 seed guarantees, and it more than likely cost Auburn a Top 8 seed in next week’s NCAA Tournament. Hard pills to swallow but Kentucky just wanted it more and out played the Tigers.

So, now that the regular season is in the past, what comes next? If you believe in projections, D1 Baseball still has Auburn hosting, as the 10 overall seed. Saturday night I said I thought Auburn fell somewhere between 10 and 12 so this is definitely the best case scenario. Auburn also only dropped 2 spots in the RPI, from 4 to 6, after the weekend, which is more good news. The bad news for the Tigers is that Texas A&M won the division and has a higher RPI than Arkansas. That puts the Aggies in a better selection spot for that top 8 seed than Auburn. There also seem to be 5 teams that are locked in for those 5 (Tennessee, Oregon St, Virginia Tech, Miami and Maryland with Stanford closing strong) in other words there are only 2 or 3 slots to grab with about 5 teams to get them.

Louisville would be a name to watch along with those Aggies, Southern Miss and Virginia. The faster those teams bow out of the conference tournaments the better for Auburn. Meanwhile, for Auburn, I think they still need to lock in a home regional. A win Tuesday over Kentucky would do that I think. Then, if you want to surge for a National Seed, go beat LSU Wednesday evening. That would set up a meeting with Tennessee on Thursday night and if you grab that W, it doesn’t matter what happens, you now have the best post season win of anyone and you might snag that 7 or 8 seed.

The mission is clear though, win Tuesday first. This team has been great at flushing the last game and moving on. That mantra will be put to the test on Tuesday night. Auburn should have the home crowd behind it as well. It will hopefully set up for 2 weeks of home crowds for the Tigers.

First pitch between the 12th seeded Wildcats and the 5th seeded Tigers is scheduled for 8 PM on the SEC Network barring no delays during the day in Hoover. Below is a link to my personal SEC Tournament Bracket cause I like using the logos that I like. Feel free to print it out if you want to understand how this thing actually works.


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