SEC TOURNAMENT: This is a Weird Sport

Thursday, May 26, 2022

SEC TOURNAMENT: This is a Weird Sport

#12 Kentucky vs #5 Auburn

  • TUE WED: 3-1 L

When the season began, everyone pointed to the Auburn pitching staff as the factor that would limit the Tigers or take them to the highest levels they could go. They did. The staff has been much better than most people expected and Auburn’s national recognition shows that for the season. Over the past week however, the pitching has been there for the most part against a team fighting for their season to continue in the Kentucky Wildcats. The offense though suddenly disappeared against the Cats. In 36 innings with the Cats, Auburn put 2 or more runs up in just 2 and in two games only scored 1 run in the game. That’s not the offensive production we’ve come to expect, nor should we expect it from this line up.

I think we can all agree that the Tigers are in a bit of a slump but that has to change in a hurry if Auburn wants to check off the next goals that are in front of them. The pitching was there in Hoover, they just made 2 bad pitches with the game tied in the 9th, but the offense has got to give you more than a run after seeing 36 innings with this squad in the previous 3 games. You could say the same thing about Kentucky, however, I know I will see Auburn play next week in the NCAA tournament, unless Kentucky wins the Tournament, we won’t see them more than likely.

I was so happy to see Sonny D get a life long dream box checked off infront of everyone by not only getting a hit in Hoover, but sending one towards Vulcan on this mammoth blast.


It was also good to see Sonny size one up too. In his previous at bats on Wednesday, Kentucky looked like they were winning the battle of keeping him out of sorts with the pitch selection. Hopefully that blast is the beginning of another run in Sonny where no one can stop him.


We find out Auburn fate Monday at 11 am on ESPN2. That isn’t the first date to keep an eye out for though. The Regional Sites are normally announced on Sunday afternoon, normally around 5 pm on Twitter. Follow myself (@DrewMac20AU) or @AUPPL to see if the Tigers snag one of the 16 spots for the first time since 2010. As one would surmise, Auburn’s top 8 hopes are dead but host a regional is a huge huge deal for this program as Auburn has only hosted 3 times prior in their history. Both D1 Baseball and Baseball America have Auburn hosting after yesterday so it’s a fingers crossed kind of thing that we will all be biting our nails as the afternoon trails on Sunday.

Should Auburn not get the regional bid, they will be a very high #2 seed, much like they were at NC State a few years ago. The bad news is that they would be paired up with either the #1 or #2 overall seeds but first things first. The good news is that the entire staff will be well rested and itching to show that the last week was not who this team is and ready to show up, hopefully in the friendly confines. We will have an entire breakdown of Auburn’s regional opponents either way once they are announced so keep it right here.

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