Odell Beckham Jr Linked With New England Patriots Deal

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Odell Beckham Jr Linked With New England Patriots Deal

Odell Beckham’s short-term NFL future seems uncertain, to say the least. The 29-year-old signed a short-term deal with the Los Angeles Rams and duly played a crucial role in helping Sean McVay’s side to their first Super Bowl in over two decades.

The wide receiver was only on a one-year deal, and coupled with this; he is also out with the long-term injury that he suffered in the Rams’ Super Bowl win. Beckham Jr. faces a long time out with a torn ACL, and he’s watched on as his team brought in Allen Robinson on a three-year deal.

Beckham has the ability to give any team a positive outlook when it comes to their NFL football lines, and there is talk of possible interest emanating from New England. It is believed that the former New York Giants and Cleveland Browns man has had exploratory discussions with the Patriots a month ago, but could that lead to a contract offer?

Beckham Jr has previously stated that he came close to joining Bill Belichick’s side prior to joining the Rams, saying;

“I was close. Very close,”

“It just didn’t feel like the right time. Right place. Wrong time.”

So maybe now is the right time to complete the deal? Clearly, the issue is muddied by the fact that Beckham Jr is out for a lengthy period, which may affect the chances of a deal being struck.

As well as retaining interest from the Patriots, there is also talk of a possible move to the Green Bay Packers, as they seek to make up for the hole left by the loss of Devante Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Rams are still keen on retaining Beckham Jr, who played a key role in helping the team to the NFL title. One person who would very much like to see him back with the team is star quarterback Matthew Stafford, who has been in close contact with the player as he recovers from injury;

“I’ve been in contact with him, both checking on his knee, his new addition to his family, and just letting him know that we’d love to still have him,”

“It was an unbelievable blessing to get the chance to play with a talented player like that and, honestly, such a great teammate. He was awesome from the second he stepped into our facility, which was a tough situation to learn as much as he had to learn as quickly as he did. It was really impressive to watch him go out there and do his thing, and hopefully, we get some more time together.”

Head coach McVay is also said to be very interested in bringing Beckham Jr back, and though he will miss a big chunk of the season, he could still be a potent weapon in the tail end of the campaign, but a lot depends on how his recovery is going and whether better offers come along in the meantime.

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