Tigers Sweep Midweek Games in Style

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Tigers Sweep Midweek Games in Style

  • TUE: Alabama State – 13-7 W
  • WED: UAB – 16-1 W

If you were worried about the Auburn offense, its alive and well. Before I get started though, these were mid week games…against Alabama State and a UAB program that Casey Dunn will get right, but he needs some time. Ok, now that that’s out of the way, if you enjoyed offense, this team did exactly what you wanted. Even if you enjoyed pitching, if you take out one bad inning against State, the staff gave up 4 runs in 15 innings. Now, in that one inning I’m ignoring they gave up 4 alone but hey, no one is perfect, except for Jake Wyandt’s stache…


I could run down the scoring plays and make sure everyone knows the smallest details, but I will just give you the thing I sort of gauge to see how the offense is performing. Auburn scored 29 runs over the two days and 20 of those were earned runs. The other thing I look for is Batting Average with Runners in Scoring Position. By my count, Auburn went 18 for 35 (.514) with 21 runs scored. Also, only 4 runs overall came via the long ball. The other 25 were in the field of play. All those stats show a healthy offensive performance. Now, the real challenge begins, having that performance continue and become the norm instead of just a good showing.


The marathon continues on Friday as the Tigers host the Rams of Rhode Island for a 4 game set. Sadly, only one game will be on a streaming service (Sunday) so it’s a radio weekend and pulling for the Hardwood Tigers to not have to share a banner on the regular season title. Friday first pitches at 6pm, Saturday has a double header that starts at 2pm (juuuust after the basketball game) and then Sunday is at 1pm. The Rams enter the weekend still searching for their first win of the season after sweeps at William and Mary and South Alabama. This should be a solid weekend for the Tigers to continue to find out who they can count on and find their go to guys, but I think you have to expect a 4 game sweep here, even though 3-1 would not be a huge disappointment either.

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