Pleacockin’: Bring it Back, Bruce

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Pleacockin’: Bring it Back, Bruce

Bring It Back.

Hey — only three of the last 10 hoops national champions have won their conference tournaments. Maybe that’ll some consolation for whatever the hell happened Friday in Tampa. 

Or maybe not. 

We can only hope no one noticed.

Did Texas A&M map out a strategy for derailing the Tigers’ big dance dreams? Friday’s early SEC tournament upset — never a good look for a regular season champ — saw a team flood the channel and deny Auburn’s inside plans with zero forwards within three inches of Walker Kessler or even Jabari Smith. 

Could that be because Walker Kessler Ranger with an injured shoulder is — the truth hurts — more like Walker Kessler Rent-a-Cop? Maybe. Can he get healthy in time to plant that 2 seed solidly in the ground? Looks like we better hope so.

(Actually getting the ball into the basket would help, too.)

Auburn, obviously, is still among the favorites for this year’s NCAA Tournament. But the peacockin’ has definitely takin’ a bit of a knockin’. It’s up to Bruce the Burger Man to bring it back. 

A team like this — a season like this — deserves more than a one-and-done. (I mean, it’s Jax State.)

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