Auburn ranked #2 in AP Poll

Monday, January 17, 2022

Auburn ranked #2 in AP Poll

NCAA Basketball: Auburn at Alabama
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Most first place votes though...

With the shakeup from last week among the rest of the top 5 and Auburn’s two big road wins, we know the Tigers would be moving up in the poll. We now know just how far.

To be honest, I’m not surprised. There is a certain subsection of voters that carry ill will towards Bruce Pearl for completely petty reasons. For this to happen, that subsection had to vote Auburn much lower than first or second. It’s a good thing this poll doesn’t actually matter. Here’s the breakdown:

This is the fourth AP poll all-time in which Auburn has been ranked second. The others are February 2, 1959, February 16, 1999, and November 22, 1999. While it’s not quite what we wanted, this is still a major accomplishment for Auburn basketball. Four years ago, when Auburn rejoined the top-25 for the first time in 15 years, Bruce Pearl talked about making Auburn a top-25 program, not just a top-25 team. This is part of that mission. Auburn’s goals are directly in front of them. If you don’t think they’re about to use this slight, however minor and inconsequential it may be, to unleash hell against Georgia on Wednesday night, you don’t know this team.

Enjoy the ride. Peacock. War Damn Eagle.

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