BOOM! Roasted! - Week 9: The Honeymoon Is Over

Monday, November 1, 2021

BOOM! Roasted! - Week 9: The Honeymoon Is Over

Good morning Campers! Hopefully everyone had a better weekend than Dan Mullen and also has more job security than the used car salesman in Gainesville. I do have to admit, it was fun getting mentioned near the end of the Florida-Georgia game so much since Georgia’s insane defense had a shut out going, till they didn’t. For you youths, here’s the last time Florida was shut out.

MERCIFUL LORD IN HEAVEN that was a salty bunch of defenders. Does my heart good to see that first thing in the morning.

Alright, now that we’ve gotten a freebie out of the way, let’s get to the show. Let’s get Roasted.


When the internet was created, it was meant to connect people to a world of different people we would have never met before. Sometimes the internet still does what it was created to do. For this science fair project, let’s dive into the psyche of the Michigan fan. By the half, Michigan held a 23-14 lead over Michigan State.

Michigan fan psyche:

Excellent…yes, very good.

At the end of the 3rd quarter, Michigan State had cut the lead by a whole point, to make it 30-22.

Michigan fan psyche:


So now for the 4th quarter. I will provide visuals to help aid us in what exactly happened.

And the stream of consciousness:

Wow…so, not…wow not well. If you didn’t know better, you would think that the refs kicked Kenneth Walker out of the game and the white hat took the hand off.

Don’t misunderstand, this was a great game that I would love to watch again, but give credit to the green team for pulling off the comeback and making a game of it when they could have said, eh, whatever. Also, with Khaki Jesus on the sideline, I tend to lean more towards the elementary school kid bringing his favorite toy to school, showing how awesome it is, and then a kid that woke up and chose violence, asks to hold it and then runs…just runs….That’s what this game felt like to me.


Look, if you put me on the spot, if I had to pick a team in the B1G that I liked, it would be the Iowa Hawkeyes. Mainly because I am a sicko at heart and enjoy pain while watching a game I love. From the looks of it, I am not the only one that feels this way.

The best part is, even when one team doesn’t follow the script and actually has offense, MY IOWA HAWKEYES STAY TRUE TO THEMSELVES!

That’s right friends. At one point early on Saturday, we all had more yardage COMBINED, than the Iowa Hawkeyes did until the 7:20 mark of the 2nd quarter….THE SECOND QUARTER!!!

It didn’t get much better for Iowa and I would have put other funny things here but there really wasn’t anything that grabbed me, except for this.

Yeah, that pretty much captures it pretty well. Keep B1Ging it guys….keep doing you.


First let’s start with he headline:

I know, shocking isn’t it. Texas had a 21-10 lead over Baylor late in the 3rd only to have that disappear and drop another one to the Bears 31-24, to fall to 4-4 on the season.

Just incase you forgot, leads are not safe in the hands of Texas this year.

But back to the field, it did not get better for the Horns.

Just incase you didn’t hear what the crowd was saying, here it is a touch more concise.

But you are going to have that when you are the leading school in the state, I mean, this is Texas, the pride of the state. Leader in all things!

BUGH! So…yeah, that….wooo, that needs to be worked on. Are we sure we have the right Texas that we invited to the conference? I mean aren’t Texas fans always crowing about how great they are?

Ok…they will fit in with the Tennessee fans well.

So what else happened that I missed? I know there was a ton of fun, but between the sugar coma and watching the World Series, it was a busy weekend.

May your week be filled with more hope than this field goal ever had and we will see ya next week!

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