BOOM! Roasted!! Week 11: Is the bar still open?

Monday, November 15, 2021

BOOM! Roasted!! Week 11: Is the bar still open?

Football is like life…and life is pain. Thankfully there are others here in the thunder dome of pain with us that we can also laugh at to keep ourselves from crying and drinking all the good bourbon. So let’s get to it. It’s Roasted.


So…let me take you to last week. Texas was just coming off of Monkey Gate and had just gotten flattened by Iowa State, as is tradition. That’s when Reddit piled on.

That prompted me to send my favorite photo to my buddy.

I sent it to hopefully speak it into existence and make the universe make it happen.

And then Saturday came.

Yeah, that would quickly change…

It would end up being 35-14 at the half, yes, Kansas 35-14 over Texas in Austin. To their credit, Texas would storm back with 35 points of their own, including a TD at the end of regulation thanks to some…interesting…decisions from Kansas, but we went to Overtime. Texas scored pretty quickly to go up 7, but the feisty Jayhawks quickly answered and decided, screw it, LET’S GO FOR 2 AND END THIS!

YEEEEESSSSS! HAHAHHAHA YESSSSSS! But I really didn’t get a good look at it. Let’s go behind the play and see from the endzone from a couple of 4 and 5 star recruits…

Oh my…those definitely aren’t good laughs…

Let’s see how the locals are taking it

LOL, ok no really…



And to make things worse for Texas, Bijan Robinson is likely out for the year with an injury, which we can definitely empathize with.

Normally here on the Roasted, we don’t show much joy, because well…we are all about the agony and laughter…but imagine being this guy. This guy is a Kansas Football fan. He is in town to watch his 1-8 Jayhawks…who again, haven’t won a road Big 12 game since 2008…take the L from Texas again. Just imagine his evening.


So it was a rough week for Florida. After getting pasted by South Carolina *gulp*, the Gators fired their DC and O-line coach and looked to get right against the Samford Bulldogs and Dan Mullen looked to rally the troops infront of a rowdy crowd of Gator fans in the Swamp.

Well…in front of some fans then.

But Dan lit a fire under his defense with a passionate speech before their first drive.

How’d that go you ask?

Here are some more highlights…

In the end, Florida would pull away…kinda…with a 70-52 win over FCS Samford. Don’t hate me, I already hate myself for this next tweet post, but it was the best one I could find as to how Dan felt postgame.

EW! UGH! Now I have to go shower.

So those were Dan’s words but how did he really feel?

That’s right…getting after it. Florida get’s to go to Missouri and then comes home host FSU and….HOOOO BUDDY! Will that be a fun one.

That’s all the energy I have for today…Please post things that will make us laugh below because life is pain and we need to help each other out.

Until *gulp* next week…

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