SNAP JUDGMENTS: #22 Auburn 24, LSU 19

Sunday, October 3, 2021

SNAP JUDGMENTS: #22 Auburn 24, LSU 19

NCAA Football: Auburn at Louisiana State
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Ding dong, the witch is dead!

Auburn broke the streak in Tiger Stadium last night/this morning with a 24-19 comeback victory during which they got down 13-0, and somehow allowed 122 yards of offense on the first drive for LSU. Fortunes changed, Bo Nix became an Auburn mythical figure, and Bryan Harsin got the biggest win of his young tenure. What did we think about the game in the wee hours of the morning? Let’s see.


-AU Chief

Derek Mason caught a ton of flack but in the second half he ran some absolutely wild looks at LSU and it worked. He gambled knowing they couldn’t run the ball at all and it paid off. Auburn continues to play like that vine of the kid running around the pool with a knife. It doesn’t matter who the coach is, that’s just who we are at this point. I don’t know when it happened, but now this is just the way every game has to be.

-Son of Crow

This felt like a make or break game for Auburn’s season coming into tonight and the way it started, it looked like it was going to be a long night. And then Bo “Houdini” Nix came out of nowhere and had one of his best games in an Auburn uniform. It may not be the best from a statistically standpoint but the ability to make plays when things looked bleak is why Auburn won this game He’s an Auburn man through and through and even though he frustrates the heck out of us a lot, the heart and determination that he showed tonight is something I’ll never forget.

Second half adjustments!! For the second straight week, Auburn’s defense who has taken a lot of criticism the past few weeks (and somewhat justified) made some big plays and slowed down the opposing offense once again. Also, Auburn who has struggled over the past several years in the second half on offense, especially on the road, outscored LSU 14-0 in the 4th Quarter.

We never have to talk about Auburn not winning at LSU since 1999 again because Auburn is 1-0 in their last trip to Baton Rouge and 1-0 is quite alright with me. And finally Auburn got the big road win that they have been missing for the last several years. It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger! War Eagle!

-Will McLaughlin

They did it. They went into death valley & ended this dumb streak in the most Auburn way possible. WAR DAMN EAGLE.

-AU Nerd

You may not be sold on Bryan Harsin, and neither am I. The play-calling, staff hires, and overall performance of the team has been questionable at best. Still, he went into Baton Rouge and did something that no other Auburn coach has been able to do since 1999. That’s worthy of celebration, if even for just a moment before this team gets its teeth kicked in at home next week. It shows us that maybe everything isn’t as bad as it seems, and that this staff deserves some more time to get acclimated, bring in their players, and develop guys into the system. I’m thankful for this win, and for the chance to roll Toomers for another big win. War Eagle.

-Eamon Smith

I sat in the LSU section on the goal line up high in the lower bowl when John Vaughn missed 5 FGs in 2005. Sat directly one row behind the band when Byrd caught that ball with 1 second left in 2007. Watched us get blown out multiple times. Sat in the hottest game of my life in 2017 when we just melted down. I’ve kept coming back because I will be damned if we ever won here and I wasn’t here for it. And tonight we did it. More specifically, with your most athletic defensive player out, your star running back clearly not healthy, and questions looming all week over a quarterback controversy, Bo Nix did it. More than slaying a 22 year curse, I’m so happy for Bo Nix to have this be the game where we had to have him and he made the plays to win this game. He did it. We did it. It’s over.

-Josh Black

I’m not sure how many scenarios went through my head with this game when I tried to figure out how we’d lose it. I picked us to win earlier in the week but I don’t know if I ever truly believed in my heart that we’d do it. Everyone focused on TJ Finley possibly going into his old stadium and leading Auburn to a win but I don’t know I ever actually saw the prediction that this would be the Bo Nix Redemption Tale. I certainly didn’t think it would be.

He played big dumb Auburn football tonight, but man it worked. It looked like he was told not to put himself in harm’s way a bit through the first few weeks, but tonight I think he had the reins off. They told him to go win the game, and when Finley came in for that one series it really lit a fire under him. He wasn’t bad per se before that, and definitely looked much better than last week, but he was a wild man after sitting for a drive.

It was by far his best road start that I can recall, with over 300 yards of total offense and a pair of touchdowns, and the fourth down scramble that got it started is a legit Play of the Day candidate in college football. If this was what it took for Bo to turn the corner, and for us to get out of his way, let’s let it happen.

Defensively, Auburn once again figured it out. After getting gashed for more yards than the field is long on the opening drive, and giving up 230 first half yards overall, they cut that in half and allowed LSU just 124 yards in the second half. LSU ran for 29 yards in the entire game, while Auburn finally started trusting the run late. Derek Mason did a heck of a thing, just daring LSU to run, and stuffing it when they did try with just a couple of guys.

Hey, Auburn beat LSU in Baton Rouge. We may get mudholed by Georgia next week, but at this point in time, Bryan Harsin’s first season has culminated in a 4-1 record and a win that his three predecessors only did one time combined.

-Jack Condon

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