SNAP JUDGMENTS: #2 Georgia 34, #18 Auburn 10

Saturday, October 9, 2021

SNAP JUDGMENTS: #2 Georgia 34, #18 Auburn 10

NCAA Football: Georgia at Auburn
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What do we take away?

Losing to Georgia is never good, and losing to them in any form or fashion is tough to rationalize, but I’ll warn you. You’re going to see some of it below. What did the College and Magnolia staff take away from the 34-10 defeat at home today to the #2 team in the nation?


Gonna have to start competing with these guys in December/February if you want to beat them in October. Also…Catch. The. Football.

-Josh Black

-AU Chief

It was easy to expect a lot today after what happened in Baton Rouge last Saturday night but here’s the reality for everyone. We’ve still got a long way to go and we all need to give Harsin a chance to turn this thing around. And if you are a WR and want to play early, Auburn is the place for you.

Also, enjoy this season for what it’s worth because as much as it sucks for us, this year it’s Georgia, Alabama and everybody else.

-Will McLaughlin

Auburn didn’t execute against the best team in the country. The game was competitive for a lot longer than I anticipated. On to Arkansas.

-Josh Dub

Auburn was competitive, but made way too many self-inflicted mistakes to win. We have to get better at catching the ball, however, I really am proud of the team. I don’t know about the rest of these guys, but I consider this a true year zero and I actually have some hope that Harsin is building something here. Hope is what you live for.

-Son of Crow

Same as it ever was.

-James Jones

Losing sucks. I don’t want or like moral victories but I’ll be honest this game actually leaves me encouraged for the future. The gap between AU & UGA isn’t as wide as I thought. I thought we had 2 excellent game plans that gave our guys a chance. We just don’t have the dudes yet to compete. The real change must happen in December & February. Now time to shake this game off & go finish the season strong because until the Iron Bow, AU can & should win all of the games left on the schedule.

-AU Nerd

Going into a game with no expectations can’t do anything but fail to give way to hope that turns to sadness down the stretch. It’s what happened to me today. I didn’t think we’d be able to move the ball on Georgia at all, but we finished with more than 300 yards and a couple of empty trips to the red zone that should’ve resulted in more points than we finished the game with. I didn’t think we’d be able to stop the Georgia run (like last year), but we did for a half, and then only gave up in the second when the water rose too high. Yeah, it was annoying to see guys like Stetson Bennett and Ladd McConkey gash us for yardage, but they were able to do that because Georgia is so far ahead talent wise everywhere else on the field.

What’s been said above holds. Auburn has to do better in recruiting, it’s the life blood of a football program. Today was a huge recruiting day, and I would hope that the atmosphere was good enough to impress some top guys. For the ones that want early playing time, you can see the areas where we need it.

As far as the play on the field, Bo Nix was good, but I hate to see us having to abandon the run so easily because teams are keying on it. I don’t blame them, because we don’t have anyone who wants to catch the ball with any consistency, but it feels like we’re wasting Tank Bigsby. We can count the chances Auburn had to keep it close today, and it does feel like the mistakes made by the Tigers were the reason that the game wasn’t more competitive. When you’re the one that screws up, it’s always a bright side deal to know that you could fix it, rather than knowing you got beat straight up and having no idea how to respond. It certainly was the case today. Auburn had a chance to be in the game, but couldn’t execute. It’s been a story all year long in some form or another, but today was really glaring.

Plus, even with Penn State losing, Auburn has three of the top five or so teams in the land on its schedule. Both losses are to current top four teams. We could be one of the best teams in the country and we wouldn’t know it. It’s never easy being in our position, but we’ll have to continue to take our stuff up against the best in the land every single season.

-Jack Condon

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