Opponent Q&A: Arkansas Razorbacks

Friday, October 15, 2021

Opponent Q&A: Arkansas Razorbacks

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Mississippi
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Arkansas Fight stops by to fill us in the Hogs!

We’re halfway through the season, and October is upon us, which means that one of the more traditionally spooky road trips for Auburn over recent memory is upon us! The Tigers head to Fayetteville for a matchup with the Arkansas Razorbacks at 11 AM Saturday morning, and we got the fine folks at Arkansas Fight to stop by and tell us about what we can expect!

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way... are you guys still mad about last year’s definite fumble spike?

I’m not particularly mad about the call as much as I hate that it happened. The Razorbacks were such a great story last season and a second road win under Sam Pittman in 2020 would’ve been a great talking point and showing Arkansas had incompetent coaching the two years prior. It set the tone for Arkansas to be in pretty much every game last year and showed fans that Arkansas was relevant once again.

In the 2000s, Auburn has usually been the higher ranked team dreading an 11 AM kickoff time, and Arkansas has been the spooky spoiler, don’t you think you owe us this one?

Heck no! Hog fans have lost five in a row to Auburn, even though they haven’t been 11 AM starts, don’t you think y’all owe the Hogs a win?

How do you think the Razorbacks will respond after the loss to Ole Miss? That’s two straight defeats, but with Alabama losing, everything is pretty much still on the table for the SEC West (sans LSU). Will Arkansas come out motivated or a little deflated after that heartbreaker?

Arkansas has shown no signs of letdown after any loss under Pittman. I believe him and his staff are ready to put away the run defense issues the previous two weeks. Playing at home, in front a raucous environment in Fayetteville gives the Razorbacks an edge this week.

I feel like I’m watching a more competent version of the 2015 Hogs. What’s Sam Pittman doing differently than Bert to sustain/build this program back to a consistent level?

There’s two things that are major differences between 2015 and 2021. I believe the accountability between the coaches and players has been the big difference between now and the Bielema years. Arkansas now has an edge to them, a finishing edge that hasn’t been there in years…including the 2014 and 2015 seasons either.

We’re aware of KJ Jefferson and Treylon Burks, but who else on offense do we need to know?

Watch out for Rocket Sanders. This guy is 6’2 225 pounds and runs wild. He ran for 137 yards last week against Ole Miss and was a breaking out performance of sorts for the true freshman. If the offensive line can maintain it’s physicality against a strong Auburn defensive line he could really perform well.

Is the Ole Miss game an indictment of the defense? If you’re Auburn, how do you best go about moving the ball and scoring points?

Ole Miss did a lot of different things offensively to challenge Arkansas’ defense. Unfortunately, it was too much for the Hogs to overcome last Saturday. If Auburn can attack the edges against Arkansas they can have a chance to get a struggling run game going.

What’s your prediction for the game?

Hogs 40, Auburn 28

Finally, man that Chad Morris guy was awesome, wasn’t he?

Chad Morris? Who even is the guy?! We must never speak of him! I believe he is the spawn of college football Satan and should never coach collegiately again. That is all!

Kickoff comes at 11 AM Saturday morning from Fayetteville!

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