BOOM! ROASTED! - Week 3: #TalkingBoutDaNoles

Monday, September 20, 2021

BOOM! ROASTED! - Week 3: #TalkingBoutDaNoles

Hello Friends. Let me first say, I am so happy that this isn’t an audio or video area of fun because, the dulcet tones have not returned yet after a trip to the Valley. Had a blast, made some new friends and got to see a better coached Auburn team in long long time. Better days are ahead for this team and this program. OK! Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to feeling better and laughing a folks! Since I was out of the class room and on a campus with the WORST CELL SERVICE I’VE EVER SEEN, I will probably need yall’s help this week a little more than normal. I was able to pluck a few gems from the pile though so let’s get right to it in this week’s Roasted!


I try and keep a little running tally of who get’s the most love on the Roasted. I know FSU is a mainstay (yeah they are), BERT is back and that’s good for every one. One school I have never mentioned is the Couch Burners of West Virginia. Now Drew…that’s just a stereotype…you shouldn’t say that.


So, the Couch Burners took on the Hokies from VPI who were ranked 15th in the lastest poll this week in a little bit of a feud even though they don’t play all the time. If you don’t know your Mid-Atlantic geography, Blacksburg is only 35 miles from the West Virginia state line and its only a 4 hour drive to Morgan town. It even has a trophy, the Black Diamond Trophy.

YEAH! I know!

Well WVU went crazy and went up 27-14 on the birds and had that lead with about 3 minutes to play before the Mountaineers began to cough a little bit.

So now it’s a 6 point game…only need to run out the clo…

Really Neal Brown?

So now the defense has to stop the Hokies on a short field.

And they get the job done and the crowd goes wild.



Mmmmmthat’s some tasty shade.


What can I say, I am a fan of natural grass. My dad loves his yard work. When I was a kid, Saturday mornings were for yard work and if it rained, while my brother and I would run inside to thank God for sending wet weather so we could go back to bed, dad would stand in the garage and stare up at the rain, like his intense glare would make the rain stop. Some people, however, don’t enjoy the yard work or keeping it a beautiful shade of green and making sure it is perfectly painted and manicured so they install this substitute, inferior FieldTurf in an outdoor stadium. I get it for northern schools but in the SEC…let’s do better. You can afford it, I have seen what you guys get paid. And I think I have found an ally for my weird stance on this, Arkansas place kicker Cam Little, who had a little trouble this weekend against GA Southern.

This pre-teen doesn’t need to have this happen week in and week out. He deserves better. He deserves the love and support of his university.

Drew, why did you call him a pre-teen you ask?

Cause he is…he is a real life Howdy Duddy.

And that’s your nightmare fuel for the day.


It’s tough times in Tallahassee right now. We know about the ND game, and we DEFINITELY know about the Jax State loss last week, but this week the Road Warriors went to BB&T Stadium to take on my DEEEEACS on this 15th anniversary of my favorite Wake win!

It was a great omen, as it didn’t take long for Wake to figure out the FSU D.

That’s just cold blooded right there….

It wasn’t just the Nole defense that was in the giving mood, the O was more than happy to help the Deac cause.


Wake would go on to win 35-14 but even more of an ouch…

That guy gets it.

Looking ahead to next week, the Noles take on Louisville who did this last Friday night.


OK, so what did I miss while I was getting Grilled Sticky Ice Cream and learning about how college kid take a hammer and nail and an old stump and make it a drinking game. Google it, it’s the most unresponsible game I think I’ve ever seen with alcohol involved.

Comment below and until next week, I leave you with an inspiration of mine and his thoughts on the Arkansas Razorbacks.

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