A New Culture

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

A New Culture


cul·​ture | \ ˈkəl-chər the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization

Let's talk a little about culture as it pertains to Auburn football. Specifically, the changes made by the new staff in both the coaching aspect and the players.

While we won't see a big change on the field before September, we can catch a glimpse behind the scenes on social media. Whether it's Owen Pappoe referencing how they are going to look like Marines this upcoming season(due to the new strength and conditioning program), or seeing all the Wellness Kitchen Click Here video and pictures where our guys are cooking their own meals and having a blast doing so. 

The players are mentioning an entirely different nutrition program tailored specifically to them. The practice routines are different. The workouts are different. The attitude is different.

Gone are the days of "fun" and Crossfit-style workouts. Now workouts are suited more toward an end goal, and not just to outlast your opponents by going faster from play to play. That advantage died back in 2015. Everybody had caught up to the "Hurry Up" style of play, and we weren't outpacing anybody. 

Trovon Reed, a member of the national champion 2010 team had this to say on Twitter: 

"It’s a different atmosphere in that @AuburnFootball locker room right now ! Guys are walking like CHAMPS , talking like CHAMPS, it’s a beautiful sight to see ! I love it ! WAR DAM!"

From the coaching perspective, let's just say there is a big change. The new staff is free to do their job, and coach their positions groups without a lot of input and scrutiny. Be sure that Coach Bryan Harsin is aware of what is being taught, however, he's allowing the staff to do their job instead of controlling every aspect of their job. 

A case in point is Nick Brahms. Brahms has been the starter at the center position for Auburn since he took over the job in 2019 vs. Ole Miss 

"One of the biggest things we were lacking, maybe, is football IQ, I think coach Friend has done a great job in teaching us the game of football."

This statement struck a chord with me instantly. Football IQ?!? I rather agitatedly asked: Why hasn't he been taught "Football IQ" in the past?!? 

We can clearly see a change is happening. From every level of the football program. Coaching, workouts, support staff, and nutrition are all different. Just how all this translates to wins and losses is yet to be determined. One thing is sure. Our guys are going to be stronger, smarter, and better fueled for the task at hand. 


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