Monday Mishmash

Monday, April 26, 2021

Monday Mishmash

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Hey guys, welcome back to the weekly* Monday Mishmash article in which I will curate the entire internet for your benefit, yet again. If you didn’t receive your Mishmash last week or the week prior, please send $0.10 to at sonofcrow on venmo and I will see what I can do.**

NOW, to the Mishmash

Something Orange

Ok, so today’s something Orange comes from Josh Vitale of the Montgomery Advertiser. He does an excellent job in this piece writing about how Bryan Harsin looks to build on Auburn’s success in getting guys to the pros. This is a oft-overlooked positive aspect of the Gus Malzahn era, in my opinion. Gus got guys to the next level on a pretty consistent basis, no matter what your criticism of him is. Harsin has a ton of future pros on the roster right now, just maybe not spread out at all the position groups.

Something Blue

Trey Alexander leaving Auburn hit this blogger extremely hard, and not just because “Trey Alexander” rhymed with a ton of things I could use in future viral parody songs. He was also the guy I was most looking forward to having on the roster in this coming class. Auburn needed a guy who could get his own shot last season, and Trey was going to be that for the Tigers this year. Now he won’t be and that stinks. There’s no way to spin this as anything other than a huge bummer.

Something Old

Here is Pat Dye and a very young Yella Fella building a fence in the middle of a field that would one day bear the name Pat Dye. Incredibly meta. Thanks to the War Eagle Reader for the upload.


Here’s a very understatedly dressed Craig Sager interviewing coach Dye in 1983 on CNN. Wild stuff. It’s a two-parter so you’ll need to take a long lunch to finish it.

Something New

An excellent piece written for The Player’s Tribune by Manchester City’s Ilkay Gundogan.

Earth Restored— “Here is a selection of the most beautiful photographs of Earth— iconic images and unknown gems —digitally restored to their full glory.” This is an incredible collection and a masterwork of photographic restoration. I could star a these all day.

*very liberal with this definition already

**I will never stop asking you for money, just call me Auburn University, amirite?

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