Monday Mishmash

Monday, March 29, 2021

Monday Mishmash

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Been a long time since this site had a regular link-dump-style article and that’s too good of a format to just let sit idly by, so I asked Jack* if I could have the honor of doing it each Monday** and look at what happened. I am calling this the Monday Mishmash and if I make it to October before working a Monster Mash reference then you all can get a free taco from the nearest gas station the next time you see me, promise.

The format for this will be Something Orange (positive article re:Auburn), Something Blue (negative or bummy article), Something Old (an old internet find, not Auburn-related), and Something New (you get it). I hope you enjoy these, because I will work very hard on them I promise***.

Something Orange

Welcome To Derek Mason’s Candy Shop: By Justin Ferguson, Auburn Observer.

Oh, you don’t subscribe to Friend of The Site Justin Ferguson’s Substack? Are you even an Auburn fan? The inimitable Ferg breaks down the way new Tiger defensive coordinator Derek Mason will use edge rushers and how Auburn’s roster looks to be utilized to get after quarterbacks this fall. As always, he does an excellent job.

Something Blue

Auburn basketball: JT Thor declares for NBA Draft, leaves open option to return to Tigers: By Josh Vitale, Montgomery Advertiser.

Is this bad for Thor, no. He should go become a millionaire precisely when he can.

Is this bad for Auburn? Yeah kinda, Thor is a talent that will only get better. I don’t know if he will get a first round grade, and I haven’t seen him on any mock drafts, but I have a feeling he’s gone. Once he works out for an NBA team, they will see a freak athlete with a skillset a person of his size usually doesn’t have. That will probably get him paid this summer. It’s good for recruiting to have guys go pro, but it is bad for my desire to see him dunk on people in Auburn Arena and share memes of it.

Something Old

The Human Antivenom Project: By Kyle Dickman, Outside Online

This is an article about a man named Tim Friede who allows himself to get bitten over and over again by the most poisonous snakes on earth... in his mobile home...on youtube...for science!

Basically his blood may or may not become a cure-all antivenom that could be used to help rural hospitals around the world. It may also be just wildly dangerous and crazy.

Something New

Here is a website where you can waste hours upon hours of your life drawing an iceberg and seeing how it would float in the ocean. You’re welcome.

*Pushed him up against a locker and told him.

**If I remember, naturally.

***How hard I work is relative only to my own efforts and not to be compared to AUNerd in any way.

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