LOCKED ON AUBURN: Why was TD Moultry not already playing linebacker?

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

LOCKED ON AUBURN: Why was TD Moultry not already playing linebacker?

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On today’s Locked On Auburn, Zac Blackerby is joined by Bunker Legend Charlie5. The guys talk about Christian Tutt’s weird situation, coaching hires, why we love Zac Etheridge and some of the top posts of the week.

Part of the posts that were highlighted forced the conversation to rotate around T.D. Moultry’s placement at linebacker. He wanted to be recruited as a linebacker and never really saw playing time there but should get some reps there this offseason as he aims to be in shape to get to that point this offseason.

Here is a part of the conversation for the podcast.

Charlie5: First it made me laugh then I realized why I was laughing at it made me mad. It was about T.D. Moultry asking to be moved to linebacker. Granddaddy28 responds to the thread and says, “If nothing else, middle linebacker gives him four or five additional yards to go before jumping offsides.” This made me laugh because of the joke where he would jump offsides when he came in.

Blackerby: He was antsy. I blame the passion for that by the way.

Charlie5: After I caught my breath from laughing, I started to think why in the world did we take a six-foot, 225-pound, number two inside linebacker in the whole freaking country, and put him at defensive end just because Carl Lawson was a somewhat similar size? I don’t know why we did it.

You can hear the full edition of the show below.

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