Who Holds the CAMBELT: Week 6ish

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Who Holds the CAMBELT: Week 6ish

Auburn v South Carolina Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

For weeks, one player has had a stranglehold on the CAMBELT. The College And Magnolia Boss Energy Leadership Trophy, college football’s most recent award, has been the property of one Seth Williams since this moment way back in September:

For a number of reasons, no one has been able to wrestle the CAMBELT from Seth the way he wrestled the ball away from that Kentucky defender who had to go into Witness Protection immediately after the game.

That changed this Saturday:

I haven’t been the world’s biggest Bonix (rhymes with phonics) supporter. In fact, I am on record on the C&M slack as saying “Bonix plays the game at times like someone who learned about football by listening to Johnny Football’s games on the radio.” That said, the young gunslinger has started to win me over.

He also is the current holder of the CAMBELT because of this play:

Throwing the go route up 38 against a rival at home? Yes that is Boss Energy Leadership. He may have already taken the belt with his diving touchdown earlier in the game, but throwing deep for the dagger is the type of disrespectful play that will be remembered for years to come. It’s almost a Spurrier-level move by Gus, and something I appreciate more than most. Sports are all about scoring points and having fun and if we aren’t on the field to do one of those things, we should leave. Sports are also about showing out. Bonix isn’t the flashiest player, but he showed me what I wanted to see: a player willing to humiliate a division rival in front of Gary Danielson and everybody.

Schwartz could have taken it from him by high-stepping into the end zone like Prime Time even if it would have negated the touchdown.

Coach O’s face if Flash had busted that out would have been worth 100 yards of penalties. Good teams win, great teams taunt.

Back to Bonix, I sincerely think he may have turned a corner and might keep this belt the rest of the season. Unless, of course, JJ Pegues scores then we shut the contest down while setting a slowmotion JJ Pegues highlight package to “Pony” by Ginuwine.

Them’s the rules.

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