Staff Picks - SEC Week 9

Friday, November 20, 2020

Staff Picks - SEC Week 9

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Auburn
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Back in the game, baby!

Quick, nobody move! We got almost have a full schedule right now. If you move it might get scared and run off!

Granted we have lost one game, which just happened to be the best matchup of the week, and the game that was slated for the 2:30pm CBS kick, so of course they’re now showing a Mountain West game in that slot. Everybody get used to it; that’s how things will be once ESPN pays $Texas for the contract sometime in the next year.

Current Standings

Ryan S Sterritt: 49-37 (4-2 last week)
Josh Black: 46-40 (3-3)
Son of Crow: 46-40 (2-4)
Jonesy: 43-43 (3-3) .500 RECORD THERE IS MUCH REJOICING
AUNerd: 39-41 (Nerd got a little lost on us last week)
AUChief: 40-46 (2-4)
Jack: 39-47 (1-5)
JoshDub: 37-48 (2-4)
Dr Will: 34-52 (2-4)
Drew Mac: 23-41 (1-3; somehow his UK/VU pick got lost)

No changes in the standings other than Josh Black drawing level with Crow. Personally I’m coming for both of them. Plenty of games on the slate this week to make up some ground.


Florida (-31.5) @ Vanderbilt (O/U 68)

SP+ Pick: Florida 47-12 (Florida -31.5; under)

LSU (-2.5) @ Arkansas (O/U 63)

SP+ Pick: LSU 31-28 (LSU -2.5; under)

Kentucky (+30) @ Alabama (O/U 58)

SP+ Pick: Alabama 43-15 (Kentucky +30; push!)

Mississippi State (+25) @ Georgia (O/U 44.5)

SP+ Pick: Georgia 35-13

Missouri (-6.5) @ South Carolina (O/U 56.5)

SP+ Pick: South Carolina 27-26

Staff Picks

Against the Spread


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