Waxing on about the Auburn adventure of ‘Cobra Kai’ star Mary Mouser

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Waxing on about the Auburn adventure of ‘Cobra Kai’ star Mary Mouser


I could have just posted them with a line about Auburn toss sweeping the leg and putting Bama in a body bag, showing the Tide no mercy back in 2017. Maybe fear does not exist in this BoJo. Stuff like that. But I’m a digger. I dig. Trying to find out why celebrities are wearing Auburn stuff, and football — that’s what TWER does. And does. And does.

Which, of course, is what I told her… and her mom, and her brother, and her boyfriend, and her boyfriend’s sister… in some emails, which I tracked and tracked and tracked, and watched and watched and watched.

Creepy? I tried not to be. Over the top? Probz. But, man, I wanted it. I wanted the story. I mean, I always want it — but an Auburn – “Karate Kid” connection? Are you kidding? How in the world could God not let me “War Eagle” with the daughter of the main character of my favorite movie, if such a thing were possible…

… which it apparently is, because she didn’t just post a single selfie in an Auburn shirt. No, she was rocking a shirt — like, a good one — and a hat, and a shaker. Even a tiger tail. This was a dang Auburn adventure. All at an Iron Bowl. And she put “War Eagle” in the captions and everything.

Maybe she hasn’t worn them Dye duds since. Maybe Bret the boyfriend was simply filming something in Atlanta and the whole thing was just a road trip whim. But I tell you… no matter the circumstances, no matter the tenuous Tiger ties, no matter the unanswered emails and unreturned phone calls to Arkansas — on that glorious day in November, Mary Mouser was an Auburn fan.

And hey… if do right, no need explain.

(But Mary, if you see this, I’m here. Love the show. War Eagle.)

h/t Fellow Kai Head Rebecca Taylor Luther.

from The War Eagle Reader

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