Lash LSU! (Auburn vs. LSU, Open Thread.)

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Lash LSU! (Auburn vs. LSU, Open Thread.)

A Tigers vs. Tigers showdown.
(Photo by Acid Reign.)

     War Eagle, everybody! This afternoon the the Auburn Tigers return home to take on the LSU Tigers. This game features two dangerous, wounded teams trying to climb back into the SEC Western Division Race. Although both teams have 2 SEC losses versus zero for the Alabama Crimson Tide, both teams will play the front runners down the stretch, Alabama and Texas A&M. The winner of this game stays alive. The loser will start looking at what bowl games might be available.

     This game will kick off at 2:30 PM, Central Daylight Time. The game will be nationally televised on CBS. For the few attending this game, it should be a perfect day for football, brightly sunny with the temperature around 70 degreesF. There is no chance of rain. If there is any adverse condition at all to the time and weather, it is that the sun is low in the southern sky this time of year, and much of the field will be in deep shadow as the second half unfolds.

     Auburn’s wounded list continues to include middle linebacker KJ Britt, and joining him on the list is left guard Brandon Council, out for the rest of the year with a knee injury. Running back DJ Williams is also on the questionable list today, after an injury in limited minutes last week.

     As always, feel free to join in and enjoy this thread. I’ll have the play by play as well as sporadic commentary on various scores around the conference. I am looking forward to another great day of college football, and hopefully not too many trick or treaters during the 4th quarter! War Eagle, and let’s finally beat LSU again!

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