REACTS: Waiting for Kickoff

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

REACTS: Waiting for Kickoff

Samford v Auburn Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

Last week, the SBNation-wide REACTS poll wanted to know what you thought about the prospective of playing college football and basketball this year. While it seems like every day brings new pessimism, particularly for football, the community seemed to have varying thoughts on how this might all go down.

Auburn has already seen one out-of-conference opponent knocked off the schedule due to the SWAC moving football to the spring, and the game vs North Carolina in Atlanta is still in jeopardy. If we get football at all this fall, it will almost assuredly be a conference-only solution, as 30% of you sided with.

I, for one, think football is probably going to move to a combination of conference-only play in the spring. With the money involved, I can see schools and conferences holding out as long a possible to make a decision, but with several states making moves to either delay or move high school football to the spring, I can’t imagine playing college football in 2020 is going to be feasible.

There’s a little more positivity surrounding basketball, with only around 15% of voters thinking the season is fully canceled. I think the odds favor a delayed/conference only season, with January being the target start date (when conference play normally starts anyways).

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