Childhood cancer survivor declares for Auburn on the ‘TODAY’ show

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Childhood cancer survivor declares for Auburn on the ‘TODAY’ show

The virus thought it could keep Auburn signs from showing up on the TODAY show plaza. The virus was wrong.

Flanked by her parents, homemade Auburn sign in hand, New Jersey teenager Emily Calabro, whose battle against a rare form of brain cancer has received no small degree of attention over the years — she’d apparently already met Hoda on “Dr. Oz” in 2014 — Skyped into the morning show’s “virtual plaza” Monday seemingly just to announce her college choice.

“Emily was diagnosed with brain cancer at 11 years old,” Hoda said when introducing the Calabros. “You my friends are looking at a survivor. She’s celebrating high school graduation, and in the fall, where are you going to be going, Emily?”

“Auburn University!”

Calabro chose Auburn over South Carolina and Penn. She plans on studying architecture.

“Let me tell you, Auburn is lucky to have you,” Hoda replied. “I’m going to be following you all the way through Auburn since we have our history together.”

Here’s more about Emily’s story:

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