Auburn student stars in national Hooters commercials

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Auburn student stars in national Hooters commercials

It hasn’t been the best spring for the décolletage-delivering denizens of America’s most popular “breastraunt.”

Since March, hundreds of “Hooters Girls” across the country have been laid off as the wings joint chain that markets its eye-catching dine-in ambiance as much as its menu adapts to the age of quarantine.

Thankfully for Laiken Baumgartner, the title of Miss Hooters International seems to have come with some job security.

The soon-to-be senior in apparel design at Auburn University, who in 2018 not only took home the crown in the restaurant’s annual beauty pageant, but landed the cover of the company’s 2019 calendar, remains on Hooters’ payroll thanks to being as charming in the studio as she is in the dining room.

Baumgartner began working at her hometown Hooters in Douglasville, Georgia just before enrolling at Auburn as a freshman in 2016.

“I’m still employed by Hooters and continue to receive payment through commercials and promo events,” Baumgartner says.

The 22-year-old has been featured in several nationally broadcast commercials in the past year. One aired during last year’s SEC Championship Game, another during March Madness.

“In terms of commercials, having a total of 40 seconds of screen time is pretty rad.”

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