Pat Dye’s first A-Day game… in 1967?

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Pat Dye’s first A-Day game… in 1967?

In the late 1960s, Patrick Fain Dye was Bear Bryant’s road warrior.

As a recruiter, he was as effective as SEC head coaches Doug Dickey and Vince Dooley — “the 3-D Boys,” Marietta (Ga.) Daily Journal sports editor Horace Crowe called them in a November 1967 feature on the SEC’s cutthroat recruiting culture.  

He was also one of Bryant’s most trusted scouts.

The Montgomery Advertiser apparently trusted him, too; the paper eventually turned Dye’s scouting reports into a column.

In September 1967, Bryant sent Dye to simultaneously size up ‘Bama’s two biggest rivals. He watched Tennessee beat Auburn by two touchdowns at Neyland Stadium. But that wasn’t his first look at the ‘67 Tigers.

Randomly inserted in the Anniston Star’s copious coverage of Auburn’s 1967 A-Day game was this tidbit from sports editor Jack Doane: “Visiting Auburn way Saturday were Alabama coaches Ken Meyer, Pat Dye, and Charlie Richards.”

Something tells me they weren’t in town just for the lemonade.  

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