NFL Draft Preview: Arryn Siposs

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

NFL Draft Preview: Arryn Siposs

Alabama v Auburn Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Great Value!

After two seasons on the Plains, the 27 year old Aussie is hoping to ply his wares on Sundays. A former professional Australian Rules Football player for St. Kilda Football Club, this would be the second football draft in which Arryn Siposs could hear his name called. He was the 75th pick in the 2010 AFL draft and even in a completely different sport proved to be a versatile player. Here is a link to his AFL stats and if you can make heads or tails of any of that info, good onya mate.

The Recruit

Siposs was a three star recruit. Considering he played basically real life Calvinball in Australia, it was difficult to know exactly how well he would fit on his new American football team. Based on his highlights, Auburn coaches knew they were getting an athletic player with good hands who could do a lot of things. Off the record, I bet the Auburn coaches were talking about how weird his accent was, and how they couldn’t wait to use him all over the field.

Auburn Career

Gus Malzahn has used position players in crucial special teams roles for his entire tenure at Auburn. Cam Newton averaged 22 yards per punt while at Auburn. Bo Nix has already been called upon to punt as well. Many coaches would rather share the load at special teams among players who can do more things in order to efficiently use the few available roster spots.

Siposs was a dream come true in that regard, winning the starting job at punter (of all things) quickly his first season at Auburn. As a fan you love the kind of players who are selfless enough to play out of position in order to help the ball club, and the Boomin’ Onion was all that and more. In fact, he only appeared at his natural position of wide receiver for one play in his two years as a Tiger.

And what a play it was:

what might have been

If you remember correctly, Alabama GodKing Nick Saban was so confused by seeing Wide Receiver Arryn Siposs on the field, he made a critical substitution infraction—causing the Tide the game.

Every coach says “You never know when your number is gonna be called,” but surely Arryn must have had a gut full of butterflies knowing he was going to take his first snap at wideout in the biggest moment of the season. I don’t know what must have happened to the other receivers ahead of Arryn on the depth chart, so I can only speculate it must have been cramps. Either that, or Gus had a pass to Siposs in the playbook and thought this was the right time to call it. Imagine that! Finally getting to catch a pass in a college game after sacrificing for the good of the team—playing punter when needed—for two full seasons. I can only believe Arryn was a bit disappointed to see Alabama not be able to keep it together long enough to let the ball get snapped. Actually, he might have been confused because I’m not sure there are substitution penalties in Aussie Rules. The field is a circle you guys.

Pro Prospects

An anonymous scout called his performance in the Iron Bowl “unfair.”

Any team that drafts Arryn Siposs is getting a player who will do whatever it takes to get on the field. We know he can play at least two positions at an SEC level. The lack of ego and the willingness to play out of position for two full seasons is admirable. The ability to use a roster spot on someone who can fill two needs for a team is something every NFL coach dreams of. Look for WR Arryn Siposs to be taken in the late rounds, when value is key.

I will always think fondly of the Leg of Thunder from Down Under.

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